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German Federal Police Service uses Pentaho for data warehousing and analysis

The German Federal Police Service is using the Pentaho business intelligence platform for their data warehousing and data analyses. With Pentaho, the authorities can derive comprehensive police statistics. This includes the „Polizeiliche Eingangsstatistik“ (PES) as well as the service‘s dynamic requirements for operational personnel.

Pentaho is used as the basis for calculating the police service‘s PES statistic, which covers 20 different fields of activity. These include things such as the number of people crossing the border, requests for asylum, crimes and investigation results.Pentaho holds a key position in the IT landscape of the Federal Police Service. Using this software, the authorities can, among other things, fulfil their reporting obligations to the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) and the European border Agency, Frontex, better and faster. Requests from the German Parliament and the country‘s various police departments can also be answered much more quickly.

„We were looking for a partner that could supply us with everything we needed: training, support, consulting and licensing. it-novum is the only Pentaho partner on the German-speaking market that could provide us with all of these,“ says Michael Becker, Chief Inspector and Technical Director of the Pentaho project for the Federal Police Service.