The open source community in India

The open source community in India

Pranav Lakhani develops a plugin for self-service dashboards in Pentaho
Pranav Lakhani develops a plugin for self-service dashboards in Pentaho
The perception of open source can differ strongly from country to country. I notice this when visiting our projects in Austria, Switzerland and Germany – though all of them German-speaking, open source adoption isn´t the same everywhere. But what about the rest of the world? I talked to India-based Pranav Lakhani about his talk at Pentaho Community Meeting and the state of the open source community in India.

Pranav, who are you?
I am Pranav Lakhani, Solution Architect at SPEC-INDIA. I am having 14+ years of rich experience in building large scale data warehouse and Enterprise BI projects. I am holding many technical credentials like AWS Solution Architect, MongoDB DBA, Oracle DBA, Pentaho Solution Architect as well as owned Project Management Professional(PMP) certification. I am keen to contribute to the Pentaho community and have taken the initiative to build the SSBI (Self Service BI) tool.

My interests are cloud platforms, BI tools, database like in-memory storage, columnar storage and many more. Right now I´m exploring AWS container service (ECS), how to integrate AWS Lex Service into Pentaho, ELB with Pentaho, Pentaho integration with AWS EFS along with load balancing, and contribution toward SSBI.

What will your talk be about?
Last time, I got the opportunity to present the Self Service BI Plugin during Hacks and Snacks at Pentaho Community Meeting 2017 and observed the great response from the community. It really encouraged us to put our flawless efforts to build exciting new features in the SSBI Plugin. I am excited to present new advanced features of the plugin like Ad-hoc Pivot Table, Custom D3 Charts, Useful API for real time analytics. We have incorporated these features after thoughtful discussion with many key business stakeholder based on community feedback. In the given timeslot, I will demonstrate the SSBI advance features rather than giving a talk.

How is the open source community and specifically the Pentaho community in India?
Open Source community is prominent in India. I have participated in various open source meetups and found the Indian companies majorly encouraging developers to contribute to the open source community so that more and more users start to use open source tools. As per my observation, the Pentaho community hasn’t come up well in India but I see a lot of potential. I have some ideas to improve the Pentaho community in India like

  • Set up region-specific meetup groups to increase the visibility of Pentaho
  • Improve the awareness through frequent social media updates
  • Some awareness session about Pentaho every quarter as part up of meetup activity
  • Organize next Pentaho community meet in India

What do you expect from PCM18?
The community meeting PCM is one of my favorite conferences. Last meeting, I was truly fascinated by the organizers and community efforts to gather diverse groups of technocrats, architects, leaders in single roof. It’s really an amazing experience to know the different perspectives and use cases of the Pentaho community platform. I am excited to meet the people for networking and eager to know best practices and innovation around Pentaho.

Pentaho Community Meeting takes place from November 23-25 in Bologna, Italy.
For registration and more information visit the event page.

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