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Finance & management accounting

The two modules most in use with customers who opt for SAP as their business software are Financial Accounting (SAP FI) and Controlling (SAP CO).

With our expertise, we can help you, for example, with creating reports and evaluations in your general ledger but also with preparing your P&L and balance sheets. In the accounts-receivable, accounts-payable and bank accounting systems, credit management, intercompany reconciliation or electronic bank statements can facilitate the management of business processes. The use of specifically adapted dunning processes, a cash book or automatic payment transactions are an important part of daily work. Asset accounting is another important part of business, which gives you, for example, the possibility of using automated depreciation runs, tables of assets and inventory lists and to map different evaluation areas.

Many of our customers are not exclusively using SAP for their supply chain management, but also third-party systems. These other purchase or sales systems will have to be integrated with SAP Financial Accounting so that they are able to send and receive relevant information. Our many years' experience enables us to integrate systems such as Inteos, Microsoft Navision or HR payroll systems with SAP FICO, using programming APIs.

Management accounting plays an important role in every company, offering functionality such as cost center accounting, cost-type accounting, overhead cost accounting and product cost accounting. Many of our customers are in need of individual comparison and evaluation reports, in order to be able to manage their various company planning, coordination and control tasks.