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Data Transfer

A wide range of SAP data migration options

A key prerequisite for a successful start with SAP is the quality of the data imported from the previous system. In particular, it has to be ensured that the data import will happen without errors at the date of the go-live. 

it-novum offers its customers the complete range of data transfer tools made available by SAP. It ranges from data migration through LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench) to classic data transfer reports and mass maintenance transactions.

SAP eCATT (extended Computer Aided Test Tool) offers the ability to automate functional tests that should be performed on a regular basis. This is recommended after updating the system through support packages or – with large projects – before the go-live, to test applications already on the system.

For customers using SAP Finance, we will transfer existing data from the respective source system (Navision, Intex, inteos etc.) into SAP. 

SAP and open source applications: a good match

Another key area we specialize in is the integration of SAP with open source based solutions. This allows for SAP data to be used in business intelligence solutions such as Pentaho or system management tools such as Nagios.

For ticket billing and managing service orders, it-novum offers APIs acting as interfaces between SAP and OTRS. Tickets that are created in OTRS are automatically transferred to SAP. This data is then used to generate cost and accounting data for the HR module.


it-novum has also developed an interface that allows for the storage of SAP generated documents within the open source document management system Alfresco. The ECM system can be used to process incoming bills by scanning and tagging these before sending them to SAP Financial Accounting (FI) for further processing.

Our integration scenarios for SAP and Open Source