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Stairway of the digital production

Industry 4.0: some businesses have already started while others are right in the middle of digitalizing their manufacturing processes but one thing is for sure: A viable concept is needed for collecting, storing and evaluating the large amounts of data generated in the course of digitalising manufacturing processes. Industry 4.0 wouldn´t exist without integrating this data and this whitepaper shows you how to do it.


  1. Objectives of Industry 4.0 initiatives
  2. Data: Raw material for the value chain
  3. Data integration: The individual stages
  4. Data evaluation: From analysis to recommendations for action
  5. On target: Realising competitive advantages
  6. Five recommendations for action for your Industry 4.0 Initiative

Learn more about the stages of a successful Industry 4.0 initiative and how to take advantage of the many benefits of digitalized production.

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