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Optimising customer service for online business. Customer Service in E-Commerce

Online retailers are under a great deal of pressure. This guide describes how ecommerce companies can benefit from integrated service processes.

Margins are low, competition is enormous and customers expect swift and well-informed answers when they have complaints or questions about their purchases. For IT departments, this means having to implement integrated processes on a tight budget if they want to continue to operate efficiently. Because in most cases money for new solutions is lacking, forcing retailers to invest further in their existing systems. This is the only way to realise savings in their goods flow processes and to stand out from the competition by providing a better customer service.

In this guide, we will be describing how the ((OTRS)) Community Edition helpdesk system can be used to implement comprehensive, service-oriented processes for online retail without breaking the bank. The basis for our discussion will be an actual project with a gardening and leisure supplies manufacturer that is strongly geared towards online trade.


  1. Introducing and using ((OTRS)) Community Edition in E-commerce
  2. ((OTRS)) Community Edition as the central service hub
  3. Quick implementation using  standard software – no vendor lock-in

Download ITSM Use Case