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Open-source software in the public sector

How can the public sector benefit from open source? This document summarizes the advantages of open technologies and gives practical examples.

Are you considering using open-source solutions in your local authority? Do you have experience with Linux servers, but are sceptical about whether you should use open-source technologies beyond just your infrastructure?

In this document we summarise the advantages of using open-source technologies while taking into consideration the special requirements of public sector administration. Including practical examples along the way.

Read our 15-page guide with practical examples.


  1. Current distribution of open-source solutions in public sector administration
  2. Practical Example: The German Federal Police
  3. Various open-source usage scenarios
  4. Advantages of using open-source solutions
  5. Practical Example: Giessen Dept. of Public Works
  6. Big Data as a driver for open-source software
  7. Requirements for service providers
  8. Open source: an enabler of technology
  9. Procurement process difficulties

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Open-source software in the public sector