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ÖAMTC monitors its EDV with openITCOCKPIT

Introduction of a nagios-based umbrella management solution at the Austrian mobility club ÖAMTC.

With around 3,200 employees at 111 bases, the Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club (ÖAMTC) supports 1.8 million members across Austria. In 2011 alone, the club provided 850,000 instances of roadside assistance and towing services, with nine out of ten of these vehicles being successfully returned to the road. In nine out of the ten vehicles were successfully put back on the road again. The ÖAMTC emergency helicopters were dispatched more than 16,000 times in this same year. 65 per cent of club members rely on their ÖAMTC breakdown cover. The emergency assistance this cover provides both in Austria and abroad was called upon over 28,800 times in 2010. Some 120,500 people have completed driver training courses at the nine ÖAMTC driving centres.

The requirements for the new IT monitoring solution were clear. The ÖAMTC wanted an overall, integrated system based on Nagios, but without any of its weaknesses. Long story short: openITCOCKPIT‘s holistic approach, modular design, high degree of flexibility, user-friendly interface and, last but not least, cost efficiency in acquisition, implementation and operation were what impressed ÖAMTC.