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How openITCOCKPIT helps GE Healthcare save lives

Medical diagnostics can save lives – that‘s why GE Healthcare relies on openITCOCKPIT to monitor its customers‘ IT diagnostics systems. These devices continuously produce data that is reliably evaluated and processed using GE Healthcare‘s IT platforms. openITCOCKPIT enables GE Healthcare to operate its IT diagnostic systems more reliably worldwide by either taking action before a system failure occurs or by finding the solution more quickly in the event of a failure.

To further improve its customer support, GE Healthcare wanted to upgrade its existing monitoring. This would enable hospitals and radiology practices to more accurately check the operating status of their systems being monitored by GE Healthcare IT. By monitoring every GE system, GE Healthcare IT offers its customers a high-quality business service that makes medical diagnostics more fail safe and cost effective. At the same time, the administration and monitoring of many medical IT systems used worldwide by GE Healthcare IT were also to be made available from a central point.