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Data treasure – thar she blows! Heave ho your SAP data treasure with Data Analytics

SAP systems hide real data treasures. However, most companies cannot make use of it. This document explains how to integrate and analyze SAP data.

More than 300,000 around the globe use SAP. Almost 75% of all global transactions are processed in SAP. But most organizations struggle when it comes down to discovering the data treasures of their SAP systems. Analyzing SAP data together with data from other systems are becoming ever more important to make the right decisions.

This documents describes how to heave ho SAP data treasures.


  1. Data Analytics makes more of your SAP data
  2. A wealth of data that is hard to mine
  3. Some alternatives are (not) a solution
  4. How the digitally gifted can help
  5. Pentaho – The first among equals
  6. Data recovery using the Pentaho/SAP Connector
  7. Overview
Guide Pentaho/SAP Connector

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