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Cost Analytics with the Jedox BI Suite

How to Control Costs by Using Business Intelligence

To be able to keep costs down over the long term, it is necessary to identify cost drivers and monitor these using on-going, target/actual variance analysis. Because only when you have your costs under control are you able to efficiently and effectively manage your processes and resources. Business intelligence-based controlling solutions are flexible instruments for analysing SAP, Navision, or other data sources.

This whitepaper deals with the design and implementation of process costing using open-source business intelligence. In the first part, we will deal with the structuring of the required dimensions and the OLAP cube, defining elements and attributes, using and designing rules and defining the loading process. In the second part, we will show how to implement the concept we developed in the first part of the paper by using the Jedox business intelligence solution.


  1. Process costing: An overview
  2. Cost accounting and analysis with business intelligence
  3. Implementing process costing with the Jedox BI suite
  4. Reducing costs with open-source business intelligence solutions

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