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OTRS with it-novum

The extraordinary flexibility afforded by OTRS means it can be implemented to suit even the most complex scenarios. Every company has its own individual structures and processes. A great advantage of OTRS is its very gentle learning curve for users and agents and easy administration in day-to-day business.

Its initial setup, however, requires a solid understanding of its system tools as well as a good understanding of the given business processes. With more than 15 years experience in service management, it-novum can offer you professional support during your implementation, training and operation of your OTRS installation. Our consultants have extensive best practice experience from numerous and variegated OTRS projects.

Reap the benefits of working with it-novum and OTRS

  • Professional support for your OTRS Community Edition (previously OTRS Free)
  • Migration from OTRS Business Solution™ to OTRS Community Edition
  • Upgrade of the various OTRS editions
  • OTRS is covered by the AGPL license: No license fees, full vendor and platform independence
  • OTRS has comprehensive web interfaces (generic interface, ticket connector, CI connector, XSLT mapping, REST and SOAP protocol) that, thanks to our extensive expertise, we can easily communicate and work with
  • We are the experts for integrating OTRS into third-party systems such as i-doit, openITCOCKPIT, SAP and Pentaho.

it-novum offers a complete range of services for your OTRS project

  • Conceptual design, configuration and training by our experienced OTRS consultants
  • Support, review and optimisation for your live system
  • Development of OTRS modules and interfaces
  • Individual reporting, with Pentaho integration if desired

The flexible support and customer service software

OTRS is the world's most widely used IT service management solution. More than 200,000 companies and organisations use OTRS as part of their professional operations. And that's not just DAX companies, universities and organisations like Wikipedia: Small to medium-sized businesses also rely on OTRS to meet their service management needs.

In most instances, OTRS is used as a ticketing or IT helpdesk solution. Using free modular extensions and its support for 37 languages, the system can also be expanded into an ITIL-compliant IT service management platform for handling configuration and change management functions as well as incorporating a CMDB.

A central component of OTRS is its service level management function, which makes it possible to classify customer queries. Response, update and resolution times can easily be set and monitored. This makes OTRS a perfect platform for even non-IT service organisations: Be it customer service, vendor support, facilities management or human resources, the OTRS system provides everything you need to deliver customer-oriented communications.

Due to its high level of functionality, seamless integration into existing infrastructures and scalability, OTRS is particularly well suited for medium-sized businesses and corporations: As there is no per user, agent or even ticket charge, the free, full version (AGPL v3 license) often provides a five to six figure saving.

The most important areas where OTRS is used:

  • IT service management
  • Customer service
  • Security management
  • Facilities management
  • Personnel management
  • Call centre

OTRS in detail

Product features and benefits

  • Ticket creation via customer portal, email, phone or fax
  • Ticket management: Ticket prioritisation, allocation, assignment and tracking, service catalogue, ticket sharing and batch jobs, templates and boilerplate texts, signatures, configurable notifications, notes, attachments
  • Security and permissions: Role and permission management, owner and responsibility allocation, 2-factor authentication, data transmission via SSL, encryption with S/MIME and PGP
  • Time management: Calendar and business hours, time tracking, resolution and reminder times, SLAs, escalations
  • Automation and processes: automatic notifications, custom ticket fields, master / slave function, OTRS process management
  • Knowledge management and self service: FAQ / knowledge base, OTRS customer portal, surveys, customer information centre
  • Look & Feel: Usage via smartphones and tablets, customisable themes, different ticket views, dashboard with filter options, multi-select input fields, copy and paste images
  • Reporting: Generate statistics with previews, CSV / PDF exports, dashboard notifications
  • Integration: Generic interface via SOAP + REST, system monitoring e.g. Nagios, connectors SAP, BMC, CTI, XSLT mapping

Integrating third-party systems with OTRS

Although OTRS can do a lot, it can't do everything. That's why it-novum offers its own interface for connecting to third-party systems like i-doit (IT documentation) and openITCOCKPIT (Monitoring). We can even develop bespoke interfaces for external CRM and SAP installations as well as external ticketing systems. As a certified partner for SAP, Pentaho and RedHat, we have a broad range of professional expertise ready to serve you.

Our support offerings cover more than just OTRS: We are your single point of contact and support for OTRS, openITCOCKPIT, i-doit and all their respective interfaces.

As an OTRS specialist with fifteen years of ITIL experience, it-novum comprehensively advises, implements and parameterises the OTRS suite and provides appropriate support contracts to ensure its trouble-free operation. In addition to the proven OTRS standard features, you will also receive OTRS add-ons and connectors to adjacent applications

The i-doit/OTRS Connector

Need to connect OTRS to a system using i-doit? No problem, thanks to our CMDB connector. By combining i-doit and OTRS, many internal processes can be simplified. For example, configuration items (assets/inventories) can be easily transferred to OTRS. Using bidirectional links, agents have a clear view of any affected devices or locations, so that they can react to outages more quickly.