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i-doit and JDisc – Always know what's going on

In the IT sector it is not uncommon that companies grow rapidly. Unfortunately, the documentation of the infrastructure landscape often remains on the line. With the combination of i-doit and JDisc, segments of the infrastructure can be easily captured by automated scans. Due to the import interface integrated in i-doit, after the scanning from JDisc this captured data can be transferred to i-doit. This saves time since not all previously undocumented devices have to be entered manually.

About JDisc

The JDisc Discovery software automatically inventories and creates an IT documentation for the entire network, identifying all major operating systems – Including HP-UX, Solaris, and AIX. The IT documentation includes hardware and software information, IP networks, Windows domains, and Active Directory installations. In addition JDisc Discovery identifies all major virtualization technologies and many cluster systems. The software operates without agents and can also use Zero Footprint Agent technology to scan environments where pure agentless products fail.

Optional extensions can also be used to determine the logical and physical network topology, the communication paths between computers on the network, and the history of all device information. In addition all network shares (shares) are detected.