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ITSM Contract Level / SLA

From one source for monitoring (openITCOCKPIT), service management ((OTRS)) Community Edition and IT documentation (i-doit)

Support solutionsBasicStandard


openITCOCKPIT Enterprise
((OTRS)) Community Edition
i-doit pro
Connectors i-doit / ((OTRS)) Community Edition / openITCOCKPIT
Incidents response times
Service level window / Mon-Fri


Critical Impact4 hrs2 hrs
Medium Impact8 hrs4 hrs
Low Impact12 hrs12 hrs
Max. support requests per year52550
Emergency telephone fault reporting
Support for test systems
Discount on consulting5%10%
Advice / consulting incl. per year4 hrs12 hrs
openITCOCKPIT satellitesup to 5up to 10

Contract start and duration

An ITSM support contract/SLA supports the applications ((OTRS)) Community Edition, i-doit and openITCOCKPIT Enterprise as well as the corresponding connectors offered by it-novum.

The advantage is that the customer can purchase additional components of the ITSM Suite without the need for additional support contracts.

The minimum contract period is one year. The contract shall automatically be extended for the same period, if it has not been cancelled in writing by one of the parties at least 60 days before the renewal date. If commissioned (but no later than 5 days after being commissioned), the customer shall designate:

  • The name, email address and telephone number of at least one employee who is entitled to submit requests. A maximum of 3 contact persons can be designated.
  • The desired activation date for the support contract. At the earliest, this can be one day after order entry, otherwise within 90 days after receipt of order. If no preferred date is given, the contract will automatically be activated within 30 days of receipt of order.

Supported solutions:

  1. openITCOCKPIT Enterprise (including modules) from Version 3 onward
  2. i-doit PRO, incl. available modules & JDisc connection
  3. ((OTRS)) Community Edition, incl. It-novum extensions / interfaces

Response times:

  • The agreed service level windows shall apply Monday through Friday for each instance above, excluding public holidays in Hesse.
  • Support requests shall normally be sent by email to the customer's central helpdesk by a registered employee, who is eligible for support. The customer reserves the right to provide a web portal in the future as the exclusive reporting channel for any initial ticketing.
  • Premium support customers have the option to raise telephone support requests within the SLWs for critical incidents.
  • The response time is the elapsed time between the receipt of the request (interrupted by periods outside the agreed service level windows) and the reaction time on the part of the contractor.
  • Within the agreed response time, the contractor will contact the client at the specified email address to confirm commencement of the work, to obtain any further information that may be needed or to propose a solution for a problem or issue.
  • The notification of a solution or that a support request cannot be resolved does not have to be communicated within the contractually agreed response time. The customer does not have a right to a guaranteed solution or recovery time.

Impact Level:

Critical Impact:

  • Describes a critical incident for the client's live system such as a complete failure of services even after the system has been rebooted. Multiple users are affected. Further use of the system is not possible.

Medium Impact:

  • Individual but essential functions of the live system are disrupted. Further operation through the use of workarounds is possible.

Low Impact:

  • Describes errors or malfunctions that have a low-level effect on the live system and is characterised by the partial loss of non-critical functionality or other problems with no loss of functionality. This includes requests relating to the general use of the system. Requests to do with test systems are generally classified as "Low Impact".


Support shall refer to assistance for specific problems that may arise while using the supported software. Consulting, however, shall encompass consulting services that go beyond what is necessary for handling and processing reported problems and system maintenance. This shall include the development of complex IT concepts, "best practice consulting" and training. Our support contracts each include a contingent for consulting services, which, by prior arrangement, can be called upon in blocks of 4 hours each. Additional, chargeable consultancy days can also be booked.