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Team Collaboration

Collaborative project work across the entire value-added chain

The increasing digitalisation of all areas of life is creating new types of working environments. In the process, it's not just our daily working lives that are changing: The way teams collaborate on projects is changing, too. Projects are often most effective when all the team members are together in one place. These days, however, projects often include colleagues working across physical locations or even the inclusion of external partners. So that all stakeholders involved in such cross-locational projects can work together, using the right tools and collaborative platforms is crucial.

Exchanging information across hierarchies and corporate boundaries

A wide range of software tools is now available to help multidisciplinary and cross-site teams accomplish their goals. They are designed to make communication, coordination and cooperation between employees, customers and business partners quick, safe and efficient. Many companies are already using Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems for document management and Business Process Management (BPM) systems for optimising their business processes. Currently, the greatest challenge for companies is providing access permissions to external customers and partners, because of justified concerns regarding possible risks to their corporate security. Below we would like to present a possible solution for secure and mobile collaboration.

Team collaboration – integrated platform or specialised, single-solution?

In addition to the collaboration and communication solutions offered by the large commercial providers, there is also a range of open-source platforms that provide an entire ecosystem of wikis, file sharing, document management, office integration and a whole lot more. The advantage of these sorts of native, individual solutions lies in their depth of functionality. But if a different application is introduced to cover every use case that crops up, this quickly leads to high licensing costs, technological sprawl and increased security risks.
Alfresco One offers an excellent solution to this problem, because it combines the functional diversity of an ECM system with the advantages of a Business Process Management (BPM) system. This hybrid approach integrates both mobile and business applications, enabling users, regardless of location, to collaborate on content.
And by using additional web services, you can increase your security when dealing with business-critical information: All data is encrypted and resides safely behind your corporate firewall in your content repository where it is synchronised – in real time – with the Alfresco Cloud, as required. Plus, with the Alfresco Cloud, you can grant external partners access to shared documents and even track status updates on joint projects.

Optimising the flow of information across your extended corporate environment

Whether it's improving customer service, integrating a supplier network or managing and controlling business-critical processes – by utilising a modern process and collaboration platform like Alfresco, users improve resource efficiency and make any project changes immediately visible for all participants. All documents, technical drawings, tasks and checklists are stored on the system and all contact persons and responsibilities are clearly displayed.
When you have a number of individuals jointly working on content, it is vital that changes be recorded, reviewed and approved. With its integrated collaboration, workflow and records management functions, Alfresco can ensure the complete traceability and accountability you need. Using this functionality, collaborators can efficiently work across virtual project areas and reduce the effort required to organise and coordinate people and resources.
By using permissions and approvals, companies can include external project members in their document and information exchanges. And by using a dashboard, users can easily see which documents, images or videos in a project have been added and which members of the team can access them.

Well prepared for the digital transformation

Companies that enable their employees to work together in virtual teams and want to adapt to new ways of working should carefully review their existing communication and collaboration solutions. Because by using turnkey solutions, they can ensure efficient and secure collaboration across the entire value chain. When correctly implemented and tailored to individual requirements, enterprise-level platforms such as Alfresco can make the right information available at the right time and the right place.

Collaboration with Alfresco – Features

  1. Central data storage – Information / documents are stored centrally and to company-specific requirements. They can be used internally and externally, regardless of time and place
  2. Security – Company-specific security requirements are guaranteed for both, the work On-Premise as well as in the cloud
  3. Actuality – Changes to documents take place in real time and are available to users in the latest version directly
  4. Notification – Users can be notified if changes / updates to content took place in defined periods, eg directly or once a day
  5. Search – All content stored in the system can be found using the search function; you can also search for metadata and content (full text) of documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, etc.)
  6. Calendar – common calendar for scheduling
  7. Workflow-Management – Streamline workflows and accelerate processes. Many processes can be mapped via already integrated workflows. New workflows, even with a higher degree of complexity can be easily added. Approval workflows for example can be easily integrated.
  8. Clarity – the system provides optimal visualized and easily comprehensible order structures
  9. Versioning – Documents changes can always be tracked and be resetted if required
  10. Wiki / Blog / List / FAQs can be set up on any topic, e.g. to establish a knowledge management platform or an idea-exchange area

Your advantages

Streamline communication and management processes

Reduce collaborative and organisational efforts

Ensure more flexible project management

Act with greater agility on volatile markets