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Robotic Process Automation

The digitalisation and intelligent automation of processes in general has been significantly advanced by the technology trend that has sprung up around Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Underlying this is the fully or partially automated processing of recurring sequences by software robots.

RPA traditionally shows its strengths in the automation of highly structured processes and routine activities. Processes that require complex and well thought-out decisions have been less of a focus up to now. In the meantime it can be observed that this boundary is shifting: on the one hand by combining artificial intelligence and RPA and on the other by a clever combination of different automation technologies. This not only makes the use of RPA more effective, it also enables significantly more processes to be developed for automation.

Our RPA experts support you in all phases of your automation journey: from the evaluation and selection of the right RPA product, through design and implementation to the commissioning and further development of your RPA solution.

  • RPA technology selection, design and implementation
    We will help you develop a suitable procedure for implementing RPA, as well as assist you in selecting the right proven RPA software for your needs and implementing it for you. You can also rest assured that we not only take functional aspects into account when completing this work, but also consider all applicable regulatory and organisational requirements.
  • RPA development, RPA as a bridging technology
    We support you in using RPA profitably by realising efficiencies in all those traditional areas where they count most. This also includes its use as a bridging technology, where
       - integrating an interface via APIs (e.g. with legacy systems) is not possible for technical reasons
       - a full integration isn't possible because the benefits are outweighed by the costs
       - a connection needs to be established very quickly
  • RPA follow-up questions, operations and needs-based further development
    Getting started with RPA is considered relatively easy because less technical knowledge is required and departments can therefore take more of an active hand. However, challenges often arise when the technical complexity increases (e.g. scaling, monitoring, handling application updates) or organisational issues are still unresolved (e.g. departmental, IT, centre of excellence). We will support you in further development, clarification of operational issues and any expansion plans you may have.

The use of Robotic Process Automation can make an enormous contribution to increasing operational efficiency.

Brian Kurbjuhn
Director Enterprise Information Management

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