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The Nuxeo platform is a modern open-source platform for enterprise content and digital asset management. Thanks to Nuxeo's low-code approach, individual, document-centric applications can be implemented easily and, best of all, quickly.

Our Nuxeo services

As an important Nuxeo partner, we can offer our customers a comprehensive spectrum of services.

  • Support in evaluating Nuxeo technology / open-source content services platforms
  • Support in implementing Nuxeo, including document and data migrations
  • Design and development of individual extensions and solutions based on the Nuxeo platform
  • Support for operationally relevant issues such as scaling, reliability, backups and monitoring
  • Licensing and provision of German-language enterprise subscription support as well as extended Nuxeo support for individual extensions and solutions in complex application landscapes


The Nuxeo platform covers the entire document management value chain from creation and content editing, to document management and archiving. Plus, Nuxeo already provides a wide range of functionalities when it comes to digital asset management and its various characteristics.

The platform is cloud-native and customers can choose between regular data centre operations and the Nuxeo Cloud. And Nuxeo Insight allows for classifications and forecasts based on your individual requirements. The machine learning models are fully customisable so that industry-specific use cases can be easily implemented in your environment (e.g. products, scripts, insurance claims).

And for support in developing individual applications, the manufacturer provides Nuxeo Studio, an interface designed with a low-code approach in mind. This means that data models, user interfaces and workflows can be easily configured. This approach reduces implementation costs and ensures the time needed until a new requirement goes into production is also significantly reduced.