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Liferay product information

Liferay is an open source employee and business process-oriented enterprise portal solution that combines information, data and applications in a single user interface displayed using a web browser. The powerful Liferay portal is ideal for use with enterprise integration, collaboration as well as web content and document management. Users are provided with a simple and intuitive solution with which they can work quickly and effectively. Thanks to numerous standard interfaces, the platform is highly customisable, ensuring its continued upgradeability.

Modern portals like Liferay can be very accurately tailored to meet the individual working methods and requirements of its users. Enterprise portals can simplify processes and, because they're easy to use, can serve as a central desktop for employees. Liferay, however, goes even further by giving users site and system-independent access to information and processes. Using Liferay, employees can access all relevant data from their mobile devices without needing to have a specific, individual app developed for this purpose.

Product features and benefits

User experience

  • Intuitive: A uniform approach to fonts, headings, tables, icons and text enables users to quickly get up to speed with all areas of the platform.
  • AlloyUI and Bootstrap: Liferay themes are based on AlloyUI 2.0 and Bootstrap, so users benefit from a responsive web design, consistent icons and a modern look and feel.
  • Ease of use: Liferay's easy-to-use Dockbar provides functions for creating new pages, adding new applications and creating content.
  • User notes: Important and personalised alerts appear in the user's individual information field.
  • Easy administration: The control panel is divided into three administration groups that ensure quick access and intuitive operation for content creators and administrators.

Responsive design

  • Previews: Due to its responsive design, it is easy to display previews on a variety of mobile devices
  • Responsive: Liferay's standard designs, which are based on Bootstrap, enable users to create appealing web sites that look good regardless of the device they are displayed on. This means you can use your own themes or those provided by Liferay.

Content, documents and workflows

  • Content created on a particular page can be shared on multiple other pages. This makes it possible to create more pages with similar content for different target audiences.
  • Content is synchronised via native mobile and desktop environments. Local content can be protected by encrypting content and using password protection.
  • Input fields allow for the internationalisation and localisation of integrated apps and portal functions. Languages can also be configured for each site using the product. In fact, Liferay includes more than 40 ready-to-use localisations.
  • Improvements in pre-publishing content validation ensure that errors are detected earlier.

Integration of Alfresco into Liferay

During its integration, Liferay depends on software standards that ensure the successful integration of different applications. This includes ERP systems such as SAP, workflow engines like TIBCO and CRM systems such as Sugar. Further focus is placed on simplified employee collaboration and data exchange. Thanks to its ability to be seamlessly integrated into organisational landscapes, Liferay can even display specific project areas for different departments that have their own distinct, individual permissions. This gives companies a great deal of freedom to create and maintain a centralised solution for exchanging news, content and tasks.

The launch page for the Liferay portal clearly shows the product's added value for users: All tasks and activities are presented in a clearly arranged dashboard and can be directly processed by users.

SAP integration: Make content and information more accessible and omit unnecessary process steps.

Supplier Portal: Manage and cooperate with suppliers via one central platform.

Dropbox alternative: Secure document storage with full control of all important information.

Intranet portal: The old-school bulletin board in the age of IT – Customise information, record activities and even incorporate deputations and absences.

Integration platform: Integrating different applications and processes enables IT to provide a centralised platform.

Enterprise Search: Search across all data storage areas – e.g. network drives, databases or intranet portals.

Investment proposals & recruitment: Illustration of finance and HR processes using the "paperless office" approach.