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Liferay - The leading open source portal for the corporate environment

Liferay is the leading open source portal with over 25,000 community members and 250,000 installations worldwide. Whether it's web content management, a social medial & collaboration platform or document management, by using a portal solution countless scenarios can be realised in a variety of business environments.

And, thanks to its many standard interfaces, Liferay is universally customisable, ensuring that updating the system is never a problem. This degree of flexibility alone ensures you can pursue your projects in a quick and agile manner. Standardisation also supports Liferay's smooth and future-proof operation.

Additional focus is also placed on cooperation between employees. Thanks to its ability to be seamlessly integrated into organisational landscapes, Liferay can even display specific project areas for different departments that have their own distinct, individual permissions. This gives companies the freedom to create and maintain a centralised solution for exchanging news, content and tasks.

Additional product information

Liferay provides high user-friendliness and ease of management

Liferay is distinguished by its high level of user-friendliness and ease of administration with many features already included in the standard package:

Personalisation, identity management

Web content management (WCM)
Liferay includes a fully integrated WCM solution. Using workflows, role-based publishing mechanisms can optimise content management and its quality significantly. According to the analysts at Water & Stone, Liferay is the leading content management system.

Social collaboration
Wikis, blogs, forums, personalised calendars, webmail clients, internal news and RSS. By drawing on Liferay's aggregation function, different content can be sensibly presented on one page. Liferay also allows you to manage different areas (multi-tenancy) independently of each other.

Enterprise integration
Liferay supports many corporate standards such as JSR-168, JSR-286 and JSR-301. This makes it possible to integrate internal corporate applications quickly and without any technical hassles.

Seamlessly integrate Liferay & SAP

Liferay offers extensive functions for social collaboration, web content management and integration. Plus, every SAP module can be accessed from within Liferay. Using this feature, employees can edit recurring tasks and processes in a unified interface, directly via the portal – even if different SAP systems are being used in the background.

Server-side, companies can even make a mobile app available to their employees via Liferay and in so doing include SAP-related processes. This means employees can, for example, share bills or check the status of an ordering process.

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