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Your intranet as a central information platform

Do you want to provide your employees with targeted information or promote your employees communicating with each other? If so, an indispensable foundational element is the effective presentation of business processes and collaborative workflows. Intranets facilitate this integration and provide comprehensive, centralised and up-to-date information that can be accessed from anywhere.

Expert Tip

Corporate decision makers should ensure that the proposed intranet solution supports many industry standards such as JSR-168, JSR-286 or JSR-301. This makes it possible to integrate internal corporate applications quickly and without any technical hassles. In return, employees receive a centralised tool for all important information.

Centralised employee communication is becoming increasingly more important. Intranets are a key means for the rapid exchange of information between different individuals and groups. According to a NetFederation study carried out in 2017, 85% of employees surveyed at German companies said that they use their company intranet at least once a day. One in three said they use theirs several times each day.

The study did, however, highlight the lack of search accuracy when using an intranet. Inaccurate results, poor presentation of data and the need to use precise formulations when carrying out searches were cited as frustrations for many users.

When implementing a sophisticated intranet solution, it-novum relies on the Liferay Digital Experience platform. Liferay Digital Experience provides extensive functionality and can be supplemented by it-novum's own enterprise search technology. With the it-novum Enterprise Search function it is possible to search other data sources from within a Liferay intranet. The focus here is on ease of use: All information is processed in a manner appropriate to the given target group and features such as auto-completion, facetted searches, a "Did you mean ...?" function and much more help facilitate this operation.

Detailed information regarding this solution can be found here

With their scope for collaboration, intranets significantly contribute to improved information processing and the on-going quality management of internal processes.

Intranets offer various collaboration capabilities:

  • Blogs for disseminating up-to-date information in various business sectors
  • Wikis for the structured storage of content that does not correspond to a particular document
  • Forums for exchanging information between all the various corporate groups
  • Chats for active communication between project members or team colleagues across the intranet
  • Bookmarks for saving important information
  • Web Content for presenting internal project pages
  • Document library for storing project documentation or business documents
  • Review & commenting functions

Content is centrally managed and administered using the intranet system. By connecting existing applications and systems (e.g. for authentication), employees and even external users can securely access the content.

Expert recommendation

It is important to develop a uniform and unified strategy for implementing an intranet. Points such as rollout, user acceptance and the future expansion capabilities of the system play an important role.

What we can do for you

The intranet is the central internal communications tool and is an extremely important collaborative and information sharing platform for companies.

it-novum is your partner for implementing a suitable intranet solution for your company. With our many years of experience as an integration service provider, we not only can support you in the design and implementation of an intranet solution, but also in its future operation.

As an integration specialist, it-novum provides in-depth design and implementation expertise for realising your Liferay and Alfresco solutions. Our many years of experience with intranet and portal solutions as well as EIM requirements guarantee that we can help you optimise your internal business communications.