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Ephesoft product information

Ephesoft Transact – Low cost, easy-to-integrate input management

Ephesoft Transact is the leading open-source platform for capturing business-relevant data. This complete solution makes it possible to very quickly convert incoming documents into actionable information that can then be further processed at the right place and the right time. This processing includes both fully automatic recognition of the document type as well as the associated extraction of the required data fields.

Ephesoft: Integration through configuration

For an enterprise content management system, the ability to digitally capture business data such as invoices or business letters goes without saying. Thanks to intelligent recognition algorithms and automated data checks, Ephesoft Transact will significantly accelerate incoming mail processing and increase associated data quality. On the one hand, this helps you save on your personnel costs and on the other leads to directly measurable cost benefits: for example, the better leveraging of early payment discounts through the use of an optimised and flexible invoice booking system.

And in addition to the frequently discussed topic of invoice processing, being able to process high volumes of documents also makes implementation financially very attractive. In addition to industry-specific issues (e.g. credit card companies, loan processes or opening accounts), ERP-related processes often have a great deal of potential for automation.

Optimising process lead times and immediate data availability through mobile capture

By using SnapDoc mobile capture from Ephesoft, documents can be quickly and easily captured using the integrated camera in Apple and Android devices. With just a few clicks, SnapDoc can effortlessly detect and extract data from images. The captured documents are then transferred to the Ephesoft Transact platform. The results can then be directly integrated into all relevant business processes (e.g. in XML format or as a PDF document).

The SnapDoc mobile capture app is available as a free download for Apple and Android devices in their respective app stores. Having the ability to capture data at source and in real time offers enormous potential. For instance, a much more simplified handling of forms in the insurance industry, the quick and uncomplicated admission of patients in hospitals and the collation of travel expenses are but a useful areas of application.