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Ephesoft Transact is the leading open-source input management solution

By automatically detecting a document's file type, Ephesoft Transact can extract information from required data fields and thus convert documents into valuable information. Automation helps companies save on repetitive manual effort and leads to directly demonstrable competitive advantages.

The correct sorting and rapid provision of data for key business applications and processes increases processing speed, improves the quality of information and reduces the cost of manual data entry.

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Product features and benefits

  • Fully automatic recognition of the incoming document type (e.g. invoices, business letters, orders and other documents)
  • Extraction of important attributes and automatic dissemination of the information gained for use by process, document management and ERP solutions (e.g. invoice amounts, order numbers, customer information and more)
  • Integration of databases to support the recognition process (e.g. comparison of master data or product database with information drawn from paper document attributes)
  • Fully customisable and easy to use app for Android and iOS devices (Ephesoft SnapDoc), e.g. for registering travel expenses or applications / requests while on the go
  • Extensive user interfaces for easy and efficient exception handling of incorrectly detected attributes (classification and extraction)
  • Support for email, fax and high-speed scanners (e.g. IBML / Opex) as well as the in-product integrated web scan client (branch office support)
  • CMIS integration, which is compatible with many ECM and DMS systems (e.g. Alfresco One)
  • An almost limitless choice of input formats such as TIFF, PNG, PDF, DOC, XLS, GIF and JPEG
  • Available for Windows and Linux
  • LDAP and Active Directory access

Ephesoft Transact with it-novum

You'll benefit from having it-novum carry out your Ephesoft Transact implementation because …

  • as the first German Ephesoft Platinum Partner, it-novum maintains close contacts with the company, including the development of extensions  (e.g. Ephesoft SAP Integration)
  • it-novum has suitably qualified and Ephesoft-certified personnel. Through regular training and knowledge exchanges with Ephesoft developers, we can offer our customers high quality services that include consulting or the implementation of individual requirements.
  • for over 10 years, it-novum has been involved in document capture and management, thus enabling our customers to directly benefit from our best practices and project experiences.

Principle usage areas for Ephesoft Transact

  • Inbound mail processing
    Ephesoft efficiently recognises document families when processing emails, extracts critical data and automatic forwards relevant information.
  • Processing incoming invoices
    When processing incoming invoices, Ephesoft recognizes booking-relevant data and handles extended validation and exception handling. It can also automatically export booking data.
  • Archiving
    Ephesoft captures documents and then, by using OCR and its rule-based extraction technology, subsequently enriches these with important meta-information. Based on the information that has been recognised, document or archive management systems can automatically take over the legally compliant archiving of this information for defined storage periods.

Our own extensions and connectors

Seamless input management with the Ephesoft SAP integration suite

Capturing incoming documents, enriching them with metadata from SAP and transforming them into easily processable information – it's all just another day at the office for Ephesoft SAP integration suite. With the new Ephesoft suite, it is possible to process documents so that the data capture quality is improved and processing costs are reduced.

Today's requirements for automation and accuracy in detecting incoming documents make it necessary to integrate data silos, business applications and, above all, ERP systems during the acquisition process. The collation of invoices or orders usually is only based on data extracted directly from the incoming document. Often this data is not sufficient and needs to be supplemented with more information before it can be passed to downstream business processes. With the release of the Ephesoft SAP integration suite, it-novum can now automate this process for you.