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Ephesoft Transact accelerates the digital processing of all incoming documents by automatically classifying, extracting and sharing structured data. This avoids errors, streamlines monotonous workflows and makes really relevant data quickly available to downstream applications such as the ERP, ECM or process application.

Our Ephesoft services

As a long-standing, strategic Ephesoft partner, we provide our customers with a comprehensive service:

  • Support in evaluating Ephesoft technology
  • Support in implementing Ephesoft technology and migrating existing software solutions
  • Design and development of individual extensions, integrations and solutions based on Ephesoft Transact
  • Support for operationally relevant issues such as scaling, reliability, backups and monitoring
  • Licensing and provision of German-language enterprise subscription support as well as extended Ephesoft support for individual extensions and solutions in complex application landscapes


Using intelligent classification algorithms, Ephesoft enables you to better classify documents using content analysis, barcodes or layouts. The system recognises and captures data from databases using OCR and ICR engines, fixed formats, free-form extraction and fuzzy logic. This makes the Ephesoft platform suitable for the high-volume processing of incoming documents.