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Enterprise Content Management with Alfresco

Take advantage of Alfresco. Let your employees, project teams and service providers work more efficent – in your enterprise and in the cloud.

In only a few years, Alfresco has developed into one of the most successful enterprise content management products on the market. In the field of open source solutions Alfresco is now the market-leading system for application scenarios such as collaboration solutions, input management, document management, records management and knowledge management. In addition, Enterprise Content Management with Alfresco provides comprehensive library services as well as a document lifecycle management in a unified, robust repository. Alfresco combines the functionality of a full-fledged ECM software with high innovative strength and an almost unsurpassable cost-benefit ratio.

With Alfresco the complete enterprise content can be managed via a single platform – from simple office documents, scanned images and photographs to video or CAD drawings. The integrated workflow engine helps to automate business processes in order to increase the efficiency. With the extensive collaboration features the secure collaboration is ensured in the whole company – inside and outside the firewall.

In order to achieve a rapid and high user acceptance, Alfresco provides the use in usual interfaces into focus. The virtual file system allows you to use Alfresco in already known user interfaces, such as the mail client (Outlook, Lotus Notes, …) or your operating system.

The search for documents via OpenSearch takes place directly via the Alfresco user interface in the browser. In addition, there is the possibility to integrate an enterprise search component, with this extension you can search in every connected system (ERP, SAP, CRM, etc.) . To support this metadata can be created automatically or added manually via the context menu, this metadata can be categorize and extract automatically.

Based on the modern and future-proof system architecture, Alfresco is not only consistently based on current standards (WebDAV, Sharepoint, CIFS), but also participates itself – such as the Content Management Interoperability Standard (CMIS) spearheaded the development of new standards.

Online collaboration in teams

Document Management
Manage electronic documents and automate business processes

Input Management
Automated processing of paper-based correspondence

Records Management
Compliance requirements easily realized – detect, control and manage critical business information