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Digital products & solutions

Whether it's digitally reaching new customers, transforming existing business models or building software-based products and services, there are many reasons for innovative, bespoke software solutions. Our strength lies in our implementation of complex and business-critical projects based on a modern technology stack, prefabricated open-source components and agile working methods.

By using open-source building blocks and products, we shorten development cycles and reduce the time you need to bring new solutions and digital products to market. Through short iterative cycles, we simultaneously create transparency and minimise risks.

You alone decide whether we as a full-service provider take on the overall responsibility for service delivery or support your existing team with our own experts.

  • Digital fast start
    You've got a great idea for a new, digital business model. But at the same time a degree of uncertainty exists as to its market relevance and subsequent scaling – both of which must be eliminated as quickly as possible.

    We can quickly develop an initial prototype to enable low-risk testing of critical assumptions and the fundamental elements of your project. This enables you to gain crucial knowledge at an early stage that can then be incorporated and tested again, making the prototype the starting point for transforming your idea into a marketable solution. 
  • Digital solutions and products: Let us do the heavy lifting
    We can develop bespoke solutions and innovative products for you. If you're lacking special expertise, we'll support you with a well-established team of experts.

    We rely on agile software development and modern methods such as continuous integration, delivery and automated testing. In this way, we ensure a consistently high level of quality. And if you desire, we can also provide methods and tools for efficiently handling agile projects.
  • Digital operations: Further development, maintenance and support
    We support you in the maintenance, step-by-step optimisation and further development of your solution. In this way we ensure results are achieved, help support CIP and ensure efficiency in process improvement projects.

    Also, if you need us to, we can ensure know-how and knowledge is transferred to internal teams upon request. This means you can independently take over further maintenance and development yourself.

Your advantages in using our bespoke products and solutions

  • New products and value-added services: New opportunities to achieve differentiating features/USPs and implement end-to-end digital strategies
  • Go-to-market: Bringing complex and critical projects to market by using customised architectures and coordinated UI/UX concepts
  • Speed and flexibility: Short time to market through the use of prefabricated open-source components and products

It's hard work, but you're not alone. A brief extract of our services

  • Creation of implementation concepts such as solutions blueprints, architectural recommendations and choice of technology
  • Conversion and implementation of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), which allows feedback to be quickly generated and subsequently be expanded
  • Implementation of market-ready digital solutions and products
  • Design of architectures based on various open-source components and technological disciplines (e.g. ECM, BPM, BRM)
  • Experienced experts to support your development teams

Brian Kurbjuhn
Director Enterprise Information Management

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