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Fast and reliable Document processing

In today's world, digital capture of business relevant documents – Capturing – builds the foundation for a multitude of IT-based business processes. The system-based automated capture of paper documents and business correspondence allows for further high quality processing of data through other IT systems in a fast and reliable manner.

In particular, early utilization of meta information can lead to significant benefits in subsequent document processing. Input Management is therefore often the first step in business processes, connecting to other information systems for further processing. In addition to enterprise content management systems (ECM systems) like Alfresco One, these can also be expert systems or business process tools.

In recent years, the issue has been often discussed in the media, particularly in the context of the quest for the paperless office, electronic inbox processing, document classification and especially digital invoice processing. The introduction of an capturing system such as Ephesoft is a worthwhile investment that pays for itself.

The right capturing software will reduce the time and effort required to capture data, allowing for faster processing at a lower cost

Capturing and digitizing incoming documents is both labor- and time-intensive. By using Ephesoft, an open source-based solution, this effort can be reduced significantly. Whether a document is digitally captured using a high-speed scanner in a company's central mail service or received by email in a branch office and then forwarded: Ephesoft accelerates digital processing of all incoming documents by automatically classifying and extracting data. Input management using Ephesoft in practice means a quick return on investment.

Compliance through transparency and capture and business processes that fulfil all legal requirements

Due to issues such as shareholder liability and the significant factor of sanctions compliance is a highly sensitive issue. With Ephesoft, companies are presented with a solution that documents every step of the process, starting with the capturing and digitizing of documents. The resulting transparency is a prerequisite for regulatory compliance.

Better data quality and higher productivity

Automatic validation combined with integrated exception handling for situations where predefined threshold values are not met allows for a reduction of error rates. This results in better data quality in the information systems which handle further processing. Not only does better data quality have a positive effect on productivity. It also provides a solid foundation for decision-making processes.

We are happy to help you evaluate, implement and deploy your own tailor-made capturing system

Apart from their technical expertise, our input management experts will share their profound knowledge of business processes with you and enable you to benefit from their experience. Definition, monitoring and compliance with key metrics and business processes, combined with quality characteristics – document throughput, accurate meta information or image quality – ensure the project's success. By partnering with us your project will not be not starting from zero: our extensive business templates for inbox processing and invoice processing make use of predefined extraction routines.