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Camunda is a modern open-source platform for Business Process Management that offers tools for modelling, monitoring and optimising workflows beyond the workflow engine. The functionalities provided support you in developing Process Automation solutions and the performance of business processes based on industry standards.

Our Camunda services

Based on our many years of experience with BPM technologies, we are proud to offer our customers a comprehensive service with the Camunda Community Edition.

  • Support for evaluating Camunda
  • Support while implementing Camunda as well as migrating processes and workflows from legacy systems
  • Design and development of individual process applications, connections and solutions based on the Camunda Community Edition
  • Support for operationally relevant issues such as scaling, reliability, backups, monitoring
  • Providing German language support


The platform consists of several components that can be combined as required:

  • Camunda Workflow Engine forms the core of the platform and supports (micro-) service orchestration, human workflow management and event handling. The Workflow Engine can either be used via high-performance REST interfaces or embedded directly into Java applications.
  • Camunda DMN Decision Engine supplements the Camunda platform with functionalities based around decision tables. The decision engine, which is based on the DMN standard, enables business stakeholders to independently define and maintain automatable business rules, which increases business flexibility and reduces the effort needed to coordinate things with your IT teams. Thanks to the existing integration with the Workflow Engine, using decision tables in workflows is a snap.
  • Further tools are Camunda Modeller (modelling of BPMN processes and DMN decision tables), Camunda Cockpit (production workflow and decision monitoring as well as technical problem detection, analysis and resolution), Camunda Optimise (business activity monitoring with drill-down analyses and configurable alerts) and Camunda Tasklist (web application for end user-assigned process tasks)

The manufacturer also provides various application interfaces (APIs) for embedding in solution architectures. Plus, both the Workflow Engine and the Decision Engine can be embedded together or independently in Java applications. For use cases that go beyond a DMN-based decision engine, the interaction between Camunda and Actico allows you to implement even complex requirements.