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Business Rules Management

Operational decisions determine your everyday working life. But digital business models in particular require almost real-time decision-making. In practice, use cases can therefore range from risk assessment and pricing to displaying purchase recommendations and managing business processes and technical workflows.

Wherever complex decisions must be made automatically while at the same time taking into account many different parameters, automated decision-making technology offers significant advantages. Whether this is based on AI and rule sets or by using workflow-based individual decisions: The central storage of decision-making logic not only enables significantly quicker adaptability to changing requirements, but above all, allows for complete transparency and traceability. This makes it very easy for companies to comply with their statutory verification requirements, particularly in heavily regulated industries.

Our experts in decision-making and process automation can provide you with the comprehensive support you need.

  • BRM design and implementation
    We can help you implement your Business Rules Management system – be it stand-alone or embedded – in your existing and emerging application landscapes right from the beginning.
  • Developing BRM-based software solutions and migrating business rules
    We can help you integrate BRM technologies, transfer existing business logic from legacy applications into a central platform and develop decision-driven software solutions.