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Archiving Solutions with Alfresco

Manage, search and archive any kind of content easily from nearly every source system.

More and more companies are faced with the challenge to archive content auditable and in accordance with new regulations. This is by far not just about evidence documents, but also to general documents, such as proofs for communication with customers. Traditional archive systems support often only the storage of the documents without an additional value for the company. For the users, this often means that extensive research is needed to archived content to get information from different sources. In addition, the distributed archiving complicates the detection of a complete transaction, which is usually made of traditional evidence documents and communication history. A recent example here represents proof of counseling in financial and insurance sectors.

Planning of Archiving

The retention periods for electronic documents are governed by different laws and guidelines. So at first is to define what content must be converted into an archive and what legislation is applicable for this purpose. Therfore it has proven to classify the different content and reconcile these content classes with the statutory provisions in a first step. In addition to this is to define the context in which the company itself or authority is obliged to archive content, eg for manufacturers of medical devices there are other regulations regarding the archiving, as for citizen information systems in the regulatory environment.

It is neccessary to choose the platform that can, independent of output systems and regulatory requirements, manage the content and additionally offers the possibility to map the respective professionalism. Classic “isolated applications”, which focus on the archiving feature offer little leeway to these mixed requirements.

A different approach is the use of an ECM platform as Alfresco, which allows to store the content audit-proof in the background, but still provide the opportunity to continue working with the contents in the existing business application or a technical implementation within the Alfresco platform.

Approach with Alfresco

The ECM platform Alfresco provides all the requirements to manage content of any kind and from virtually any source system, make it searchable and to archive it. In most cases the archiving scenario addresses the following “sub-disciplines”:

  • Retention of documents with different periods (3, 5, 10 and 30 years), or more periods, in accordance with the appropriate standards.
  • Automatically delete after the retention period
  • Protection against changes, complete change history
  • Easy readability of digital records
  • Search and export recordings (on request by the competent authority)
  • Combined with electronic signature

From this point the following request blocks for the concrete implementation plan to take:

  • Life cycle of archived information
  • Physical storage of information
  • File formats, that are suitable for archiving
  • Processes to determine what information should be as archived
  • Searching for information, often across contexts
  • Procedural documentation

We help you …

Alfresco, along with consulting services through Westernacher Solutions, enables companies and government agencies, to focus on the scientific and legal context. The technical implementation will be done by the Alfresco platform and our knowledge and experience with the minimum possible effort. The required technologies are available and can cover almost every scenario.