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Combining the power of Alfresco Content Services and Alfresco Process Services with SAP / SAP HANA

As an SAP certified business partner, we provide you with the ability to exchange critical business data between SAP and Alfresco – and we do this by seamlessly and transparently connecting these two systems for end users.

Connexas, the solution we use, is the only product on the market that is certified by both SAP and Alfresco. This means that we can offer you a very powerful, reliable, fully flexible and easily extensible product that meets all best practices and coding standards for interacting between the two systems.

We support you in setting up and implementing the software – which requires absolutely no SAP-side installation. After installation, you can use all functions immediately, including the implementation of SAP ArchiveLink functions. This means that documents from SAP can be stored in the document management system or on the hard disk and accessed again in SAP or in the DMS.

Communication and data exchange between SAP and Alfresco

For implementing extended scenarios that are not part of the standard ArchiveLink interface, we offer a framework that reads metadata from SAP and transfers it to Alfresco. Conversely, data captured in Alfresco can also be communicated to SAP. Additionally, all the pre-defined/configured steps for the storage process or DMS functions can also be realised.

We offer you an SAP/Alfresco integration that

  • is SAP and Alfresco certified and requires no additional software / hardware
  • provides SAP metadata for non-SAP users in Alfresco
  • bi-directional data exchange
  • replicates common metadata from SAP to Alfresco
  • connects up to 10 different SAP systems with a single Alfresco installation
  • seamlessly integrates into your SAP environment
  • supports SAP HANA / SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP)
  • integrates into SAP S / 4 HANA / SAP Fiori

Using SAP within Alfresco Process Services

If you are using Alfresco Process Services as a business process management (BPM) platform in your company, we can help you manage your SAP workflows. The implementation of such functionalities in your environment is handled on a per-project basis as the scope of work typically depends on the individual customer's workflows. A number of preconfigured actions, however, are also available.

There is also no need for Alfresco Process Services to install any separate, SAP-side software.

Your benefits and advantages

Forward Alfresco Process Services data to SAP

Fill in Alfresco Process Services fields with SAP-related data

Create SAP business objects

Validate and check form entries against SAP data

Start SAP workflows using Alfresco Process Services

Some impressions of the process integration

[] Prozessintegration connexas

While executing workflow tasks, users are able to select any SAP data. In the case of invoice processing, for example, a drop-down menu containing all company code values, including their description from the SAP system, can be used. This ensures that only valid values known to SAP can be selected.

[] SAP Related Data

All SAP data can also be displayed, upon request, in Alfresco Share. The respective SAP data fields can be integrated according to individual requirements, so that end users have all necessary information available and in the appropriate context.