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Alfresco Process Services

Business process management for business users and developers

Designing efficient business processes is an important task for any company. The Alfresco Process Services business process management (BPM) platform can be used worldwide, across all sectors and in different companies of varying sizes. The software is composed of a number of components and applications that together can be used for defining and implementing digital business processes.

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As a long-standing Alfresco Strategic Partner, it-novum has broad ranging knowledge and expertise in implementing business process solutions. Depending on your requirements, we will work with you to identify and define your business processes and then help you to organise and optimise these. Then, if required, we handle the technical implementation of your processes and even assist you in using your new solution.

Using Alfresco Process Services

  • Process management: From leave requests to complex order processing
  • Extended enterprise collaboration: From approvals to publishing processes
  • Information governance: From traditional records management processes to comprehensive audit processes

You will benefit from your Alfresco Process Services implementation with it-novum, because

we design your BPM solution so that you can best leverage the strengths of Alfresco Process Services

we offer both the implementation of Alfresco Process Services and Alfresco Content Services so that you always have an overview of your data-driven and content-centric processes

we design a sustainable strategy tailored to suit your particular situation based on the experience and best practices we have gained from many successful implementations

we offer trained and certified experts with diverse project experience and industry knowledge for all aspects of Alfresco issues

we are directly in touch with the software manufacturers themselves. As a long-standing Alfresco strategic partner, we maintain close contacts with the company, so you are always in good hands with us