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Alfresco Geo-Caching

Location-based Caching Platform for Alfresco Content Services

Companies with locations around the world all face the same problem when people in one place need to get information like videos and large documents from another place: fast file transfers are hard to make happen. When the necessary tools are unavailable productivity and service quality can take a hit.

Guaranteed access to critical business information – regardless of where it is

Alfresco eliminates this problem by providing central management of documents and an easy way for employees from various locations to work together on documents. Alfresco’s solution includes the most modern features available including individual working spaces and collaboration tools such as blogs, forums and wikis.

it-novum has extended Alfresco’s functionality by adding fast access to documents across locations. Files are kept on transfer platforms in the various locations, ready to be transferred at maximum speed to end users. The platform serves as a link between Alfresco and the user’s desktop. Once the data transfer platform is installed at a location it provides fast, safe and easy access to data over the Alfresco GUI. The platform is integrated seamlessly into Alfresco and is invisible to the user.

Function of the Caching Platform

It works as a proxy, switching between the client and the Alfresco server. You can install as many proxy servers as you have locations, allowing you to reach maximum transfer speeds at all your company’s offices. The proxy server receives download requests from the web browser and checks whether the file is available in cache. If so, it conducts an additional authorization check before the file is decoded and made available for download by the user. Installing and maintaining the platform is trouble-free and it is added to the existing IT infrastructure effortlessly. 

Your benefits:

Fast, secure access to critical data from anywhere

Transparent functionality with seamless integration into Alfresco – users just continue to work with Alfresco as they always have

Push services allow files to be sent directly to proxy servers without data first having to be cached

Security as a prime directive – the platform encodes your data and only allows authorized personnel to download it

Large amounts of data can be processed locally and uploaded to central storage at high speed

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