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Alfresco Transformation Engine

High-Quality | Pixel-Perfect 1:1 Document Conversions

The Alfresco Transformation Engine is a stable, fast, and scalable product for high-quality transformations of Microsoft Office documents, PDF and PDF/A files, images and other file formats. It is an enterprise-scale and enterprise quality alternative to OpenOffice and Libre Office. In addition to the transformation services it also provides basic OCR-functionality and creates PDF/A-2A documents to fulfill compliance for long-term archiving. The server features an open architecture, and offers the following features:

High Quality

The Alfresco Transformation Engine uses genuine Microsoft Office software to transform MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents to PDF and SWF. This guarantees the handling of all Office / image files and pixel-perfect transformations, and it corrects previous layout issues in the Share preview feature.


The Alfresco Transformation Engine communicates with Alfresco using a HTTP REST API, which means that you can scale up by adding multiple instances of the server and connecting them through a standard HTTP Network Load Balancer.


If Microsoft Office can open and transform your document, then so can the Alfresco Transformation Engine. Robust error handling will remove corrupt and encrypted documents. A Web Console shows you a detailed report if there is a problem during transformation, allowing you to correct documents.


The Alfresco Transformation Engine is two to three times faster when transforming multi-megabyte Office documents when compared with OpenOffice on the same hardware.