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Alfresco Content Services Product information

Document management

  • Version control: Avoid costs and errors due to using an incorrect version of a document or file
  • Finding instead of searching: Save time through intelligent searching and easy access to important information
  • Easier business collaboration through locationally-independent access – Documents and tasks can be accessed via Office apps, mobile devices or the web browser of your choice
  • Efficient management of different document types

Teamwork and collaboration

  • Situated safely behind your company firewall, the enterprise content repository gives you the ability to precisely control the depth of your real-time synchronisation with the Alfresco cloud, ensuring your collaborations with your external partners are fully secure
  • Complete IT control through easily configurable management functions
  • Using open-source standards, the Alfresco Content Services platform can easily be customised to meet the specific demands of any business
  • The Alfresco Cloud can be configured exclusively for external collaboration and reporting or completely integrated behind your company firewall

Digital business processes

  • Business-critical content can be provided quickly and efficiently by using integrated process and document management functions
  • Support for collaborative processes through the use of user-oriented workflows, common tasks and the joint use of contents
  • Reusable processes and forms allow for the quick and easy creation of individual applications, subject to best practices and business standards
  • Flexibility in the deployment and execution of processes provided by on-premise and cloud options
  • Process reports provide insights into the efficiency and performance of processes.
  • Extensive flexibility in automating and customising business processes by combining Alfresco Content Services with Alfresco Process Services

Information governance and records management

  • An easily configurable file plan enables information managers to set up their systems in accordance with governance and compliance requirements
  • Simple or automatic definition of records: Users can declare data sets from anywhere. Direct data set declarations give you instant access to your files without needing to navigate through complex file plans. Archiving and declaring data sets is handled automatically according to easily configurable business rules
  • A full audit trail clearly shows who had access to what files and when. Audit reports can also be archived as data sets. Records managers can lock or suspend data sets to prevent changes and can set aside the default retention period