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Proof of Concept

Proof of concept – Checking technical feasibility before the project starts

While open source systems offer a high degree of freedom, these powerful tools need to be mastered in order to take full advantage of them. This is why it-novum, as one of the first steps in our cooperation and in addition to our advisory workshop – offers its clients a proof of concept. With this proof of concept, which will take no more than three weeks, we will check both the technical feasibility and the ability to integrate the new solution into the existing IT environment. We will also do a preliminary assessment of the business value of the proposed solution. This means, that at the start of a project, instead of having to rely on "gut feeling", you know that you have a solid foundation for decisions.

Avoid investing in the wrong software applications

Since we will have evaluated your business requirements, which we will have tested using a prototype, you will be able to test the software without risk. Our proof of concepts gives you the certainty that we understand your company's requirements and that we will be able to implement them. In addition, you will also be able to calculate the expected implementation and integration costs.

A risk-free decision-making process for software:

  1. A proof of concept provides you, as our client, with a clear starting point as well as with a basis for decisions and therefore offers planning certainty. Every parameter to be considered is outlined and calculated. The prototype we then develop on the basis of the proof of concept already has some of the required core functionality and will allow for some practical simulations. Scenarios are pre-tested thoroughly with real customer parameters.
  2. Our clear project methodology, which takes into consideration the special character of open source software, creates the necessary confidence among your employees and ensures stability in your daily operations. We are able to guarantee you this level of quality since we are among the few open source implementation companies that are certified according to ISO 9001:2015.
  3. One of the main reasons companies choose open source software is because of the lower purchasing cost. However, without regular testing, intelligent project management and the collaboration with experienced professionals, implementation costs will soar. Therefore, a realistic cost calculation is crucial for project success.

As a client you will benefit from a proof of concept because ...

  • it will allow you to gauge the proposed solution's performance with little upfront cost and little effort.
  • it will allow you to get a clear sense of the opportunities the implementation will offer your company
  • it will help you to reduce the risks associated with buying the wrong software
  • it will make extensive specification lists and purchase negations redundant