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Project Management

Project implementation – seamless integration of open source software

Our extensive software portfolio comprises of a mix of commercial open source packages and our own, well-established software tools and applications. Today, there exist a multitude of open source applications for enterprise use, ranging from customer and document management, through business intelligence and big data to infrastructure solutions. As a certified partner of a wide range of open source vendors we use our technology skills and consulting expertise to advice you on the selection of the right open source components as well as on implementing these in your existing IT infrastructure.

By composing our project teams of developers, consultants and business information technologists we are able to combine business expertise with technological excellence. We aim to develop solutions that fit seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure and that create sustainable business processes.

We are one of only few open source implementation companies that are certified according to ISO 9001:2008. These international standards serve to confirm that all our solutions and services adhere to the same high standards.

Traditional or agile project planning

We are happy to develop a comprehensive IT project for you that meets your needs and requirements:

Our structured project-management methodology is based on PRINCE2. From the initial phase of comprehensive preparation, with a workshop and a proof of concept, through active project management and coordination, we ensure the project's success. The project management is based on checklists that will be developed during the kick-off meeting with the client, based on their requirements. These checklists in turn will be the foundation upon which the project concept is built. This will serve as a roadmap for the implementation and subsequent deployment.

In addition to the traditional approach, we offer an agile implementation methodology, comprising five stages:

  1. Preparation
  2. Analysis
  3. Conceptualization
  4. Development
  5. Implementation

and is extremely flexible. However, this flexibility is not associated with much higher costs. Not just the technology, but also the client's business processes are at the forefront of our minds. Agile projects are characterized by definition and development stages where we work closely together with the client. Each phase ends with a software release, which is then deployed in the productive environment. Throughout the project, we document both the requirements and the conceptual and implementation decisions.

Whichever method you prefer: By keeping you informed throughout the project we can ensure that you will always have a detailed overview of the project’s timeline as well as of resources.

Support for Open Source Business Software

Even if a system provides great functionality and is easy to use, having a partner you can count on is important. For many open source solutions, we offer support contracts that exactly fit your business needs, including 24x7 application and systems support and validation of open source releases.

Our support and subscription packages ensure that large customers can count on qualified support in business-critical environments.

Lean more about our support services: