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Advisory workshop

Advisory workshop: Good preparation as a solid foundation for successful projects

After we have taken stock of your needs and know and understand your processes, you can expect a timely and needs-driven project implementation from us. In addition to a proof of concept, it-novum will therefore offer you an advisory workshop as one of the first steps in our collaboration. The length of the workshop depends on such factors as your specific requirements. While with smaller projects a three-day workshop will typically be sufficient, large projects might require more workshop days over a longer period.

Take advantage of our expert's know-how

During the workshop, our experienced consultants will evaluate your current IT environment as well as your business processes. Together, we develop the necessary areas of action. We make sure that your new IT strategy optimally fits your business processes so that we can provide you with the foundation for a higher value-add.

Our consultants will give you valuable decision support. Possible strategies are illustrated using examples and best practices scenarios. The result of the workshop is a multi-step action plan. The detailed workshop results also list possible courses of action, cost and time estimates as well as target dates. This concept will help you implement a reliable, optimally integrated open source solution in your company.

This is what you can expect of our advisory workshops

  • Workshop preparation and defining the contents (this is done over the phone)
  • The workshop will either be held at it-novum or at a client location.
  • Analysis and documentation of the workshop results
  • Final presentation of results

As our client, you benefit from our consulting workshop because ...

  • together with experienced consultants, you will develop an implementation strategy
  • as a result, you will receive an IT concept tailored to your specific needs
  • you can expect projects that will take less time to implement while at the same time being extremely cost-efficient.