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Laura Paduano, openATTIC developer

My name is Laura Paduano, and I'm a developer in the 8-member openATTIC team.

This Linux-based, storage management solution produced by it-novum has been continuously developed since 2012. The openATTIC framework combines a variety of tools for creating and administering large storage systems and clusters in a single graphical user interface.

Our team is composed of software engineers, consultants and product managers, who daily work to improve and expand the software's usability and features. For example, as an extension to conventional storage solutions, we began some time ago working in collaboration with SUSE Linux to help them integrate the open source storage system Ceph, so that they could better cope with very demanding storage requirements. And to improve the user interface further, we swapped out the underlying JavaScript framework about a year ago. Since then, openATTIC has been based on AngularJS and Bootstrap, making it possible to provide the application to mobile devices with minimal effort. We've also tightened up the GUI (graphical user interface) and given it an improved structure.

A 12-month internship and then full training

I've been really lucky to be able to get into software programming in such a well-supervised, step-by-step way. After secondary school, I got my diploma in information technology. I had a computer at home and was really interested in understanding how that "tin box" functioned, so it was great when I got to do the practical part of my diploma with it-novum. During my internship I focused on what the interior of the computer looks like and its underlying components. With the help of one of my colleagues, I built my first Linux system and tried out my first shell commands.

It was then that I noticed a steadily growing interest in programming. That's why I decided once I had finished my diploma that I wanted to train as an IT specialist working in application development. When I started working on openATTIC, the project was still in its infancy. And that's what I found so interesting: getting to work with a project from its inception to what it has become today.

Laura Paduano

Active participation in projects

Before I became a full member of the openATTIC team, I had the opportunity to actively work on development projects in other areas. Also, from time to time one of our consultants would take me with him to customer appointments, where I got to know customer systems and helped provide support for their configuration. This gave me good insights into the scope of services that IT consultants provide – from advising customers to the final implementation of the openATTIC storage management system.For me, the decision to train as an IT specialist in software development was the perfect choice – I just love my job!

Comment: The openATTIC project, together with the storage area of it-novum passed to SUSE in November 2016. SUSE will further develop openATTIC as a management front-end for the management of ceph clusters.