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Since 2002, it-novum has been a German Chamber of Industry and Commerce approved training company, employing young talents in a variety of different fields in order to complete their apprenticeships. We feel it is important that new employees receive a thorough introduction to our company and that especially applies to our new trainees. To ensure this happens, trainees are assigned a mentor who looks after them throughout their entire apprenticeship programme.

The best career opportunities: After you've completed your training, a variety of different areas of responsibility await you. These range from application support, to programming, to your first consulting opportunities in Sales and Project Management. And your training is also an excellent basis for subsequent studies to become a computer scientist.

We offer training in the following areas:

Training to become an IT specialist for application development
While training to become an IT specialist for application development, your working day will be anything but ordinary, because no two customer projects are the same. There is a constant need to discuss, develop, test and document new solutions with your colleagues, with thorough working practices being of particular importance. Because after all, even small mistakes can make the end user's life difficult. Training to become an IT specialist for application development is exactly the right job for you, if you like working with databases and operating systems, doing programming and working with complex system landscapes.

Primary training focus:

  • Designing and implementing bespoke customer software solutions
  • Implementing standard software
  • Developing individual programs
  • Testing and documenting applications
  • Modifying existing applications
  • Systematically planning, implementing and monitoring projects
  • Working with software development environments (IDE)
  • Developing application-oriented and ergonomic user interfaces

Training to become an IT specialist for system integration
IT specialists for system integration ensure that information and telecommunications systems function properly not just at it-novum, but also throughout the entire KAP AG group. They also take part in the planning, installation, configuration and maintenance of IT systems throughout the entire company. An apprenticeship to become an IT specialist in system integration is exactly the right job for you if you are interested in computer systems, like numbers and are technically gifted.

Primary training focus:

  • Design and realisation of complex IT systems
  • Integration of hardware and software components into existing systems
  • Installation, configuration and commissioning of networked IT systems
  • Implementation and monitoring of projects
  • Using experts and diagnostic systems to correct faults and deal with outages
  • Presenting system solutions
  • Educating and advising users

Internship / work placement year during TSS

During your internship or work placement year with it-novum, we offer you the opportunity to gain practical experience while still in technical secondary school (TSS). As a rule, we offer placements to TSS students who are in the 11th class and primarily focusing on IT or Business Information Systems.

Learn from our experts and gain exciting insights into projects with an international IT service provider. We completely integrate our interns into our actual, everyday operations so that they have the best possible opportunity to expand and deepen their knowledge.

We also make it possible for all our interns and trainees to take part in free English lessons. These 1.5-hour lessons are taught once a week by a native speaker at the it-novum offices.

Careers portrait: First an internship, then training and now a permanent member of the core development team for openATTIC

Laura Paduano
Developer openATTIC team

Read how our colleague Laura Paduano, who works as a developer in Software-defined storage, started her career with an apprenticeship at it-novum in 2010. In her careers portrait, Laura talks about what she learned during her apprenticeship and how this on the job training helped her later on.

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