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SAP and Analytics

Use SAP data for strategic and tactical decisions

Risk of heterogeneous system landscapes

Today, heterogeneous system landscapes are the rule in almost all companies, and at least one SAP system is involved in almost every corporate group. Unfortunately, many companies lack the ability to sensibly evaluate the wealth of distributed data.

In order to manage comprehensive evaluations and comprehensive reporting with data from various ERP, CRM and SAP systems, companies like to use the solution that is supposed to be closest. They use Excel as a data collection and exchange medium and consolidate with it - with all known limitations. But with isolated solutions and Excel, today's requirements can no longer be met.

The integration of data from other systems and the subsequent execution of reports and analyses across SAP tables, however, is extremely demanding. This is because SAP and most third-party add-on tools are designed for centralized reporting, but do not have the flexibility for custom reporting that business users demand today. This is especially true when SAP data needs to be combined with data from other sources or when large amounts of data need to be processed. As a result, many SAP users lack deep insight into their business processes and this prevents new insights.

Added value if you analyze your SAP data with Pentaho

  • Independence from SAP. Today, companies no longer want to tie themselves to just one software provider, not even SAP. Pentaho offers a cost-effective alternative to SAP's own analytics offerings that enable companies to independently evaluate their data.
  • Increasing the value of SAP. Pentaho provides fast, flexible, ad-hoc visual analysis and reporting so SAP users can gain new insights and make data-driven decisions from day one. Especially when combined with non-SAP data.
  • Flexibility in combining data sources. With fast, flexible dashboards and analytics, Pentaho enables SAP customers to access all data from any SAP or non-SAP system. Pentaho's PDI (Pentaho Data Integration) enables companies to easily connect data from SAP ERP, SAP BW, and HANA with data from non-SAP systems to create powerful analytics applications. The graphical functionality supports many data sources and file types.
  • Increase productivity by reusing SAP components. The Pentaho/SAP Connector from it-novum secures investments that companies have already made in SAP components such as HANA Views & Tables, Bex Queries, DSO / ODS objects, ABAP reports, SAP queries and SAP extractors because they remain usable.

Chuck Yarborough
Solutions Marketing and Management
Hitachi Vantara

"With their in-depth expertise in Pentaho, it-novum is one of the few global product development partners which is able to develop deeply integrated plug-ins. Such as the Hitachi Data Connector for SAP ERP and Business Warehouse – currently the only Pentaho connector for SAP – or the connector extending Hitachi Vantara’s video solution with Pentaho analytics."

How to connect SAP and Pentaho

The Hitachi Data Connector SAP ERP & Business Warehouse from it-novum is specially designed for SAP and uses BAPI, RFC and web services. It fulfills all standard-compliant tasks without causing higher internal effort. Therefore, instead of programming individual one-to-one interfaces between non-SAP solutions and SAP, companies should use our tool, which enables fast and code-free integration. Companies can concentrate on their business processes and no longer have to worry about the technical aspects of integration.

Integrating and Evaluating SAP Data with the Hitachi Data Connector SAP ERP & Business Warehouse

Why the Connector from it-novum


The Hitachi Data Connector SAP ERP & Business Warehouse from it-novum is the only connector for SAP since Pentaho 8.2.

The advantages of the Connector:

  • Flexible and easy to use analysis of SAP data
  • Read all data from SAP modules
  • Query of complex and nested SAP structures (such as cost center groups or structures/data only available at runtime of the SAP system)
  • Access to BW data using SAP Data Store Objects
  • Support for Metadata Injection
  • Cost-saving offload scenarios
  • Data Blending of SAP Data
  • Analytical Workloads on Data Warehouse Layer (SAP Infocubes)
  • High performance data transfer from SAP to Hadoop thanks to integrated server mode

Why use Pentaho for data analysis

  • An implemented Pentaho Analytics solution can be extended at any time by any data source (e.g. new NoSQL databases, Git for internal development departments, video analytics, etc.). This makes Pentaho a secure investment solution.
  • Pentaho has an architecture based on plugins and is itself 100% written in Java. This makes the functionality easy to extend - even by companies themselves - and enables individual solutions with a much higher ROI than software-out-of-the-box offers.
  • Pentaho as founder of the "Data Lake" concept has long been focused on Big Data technologies and can be used together with the leading Hadoop distributions of Cloudera/Hortonworks and MapR as well as in the Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google).

Christopher Keller
Leiter Consulting Big Data Analytics

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Hitachi Data Connector for SAP ERP and Business Warehouse from it-novum: Your Benefits

Flexible, easy-to-use analysis of SAP data

Seamless and easy integration with SAP ERP/BW

Support for Metadata Injection

Cost-effective offloading scenarios

Data blending of SAP data

These companies have successfully integrated SAP-data into their analyses and reports

CustomerBusiness case
Waste Management
Hitachi Data Connector for SAP ERP optimizes waste management processes and saves public resources. Data from SAP ERP is integrated with information from operational sources to a central data warehouse that enables in-depth analytics.
The world‘s leading manufacturer for car window supplies gains deeper insights in their production processes by integrating data from SAP and non-SAP systems in their central supplier and project controlling platform.
To become a data-driven enterprise, this global industry leader integrates their data from corporate, manufacturing and supplier systems in a central data lake. Thus providing one single access point to insights about the company‘s processes and products.
IT Services
The Hitachi Data Connector for SAP ERP and SAP BW is an essential part of a full solution stack for data integration and analytics. Thus providing data models and use cases for easy implementation and higher ROI.
To better monitor Dubai‘s huge construction projects and budgets, data from project management systems is integrated with information about budgets spend and material usage from SAP – providing in-depth analytics of project progress and costs.
With offices in 50 countries, this workholding specialist oversees their processes by combining data from SAP and non-SAP systems for reporting and analytics.
Industrial Group
Consolidated KPIs are crucial for this holding with 15 companies and 29 subsidiaries in 12 countries.
Hence reporting and analytics are based on a central data warehouse which integrates data from different data sources and sub-companies.

Interesting facts about connector technology

  • Different application scenarios
  • Feature Overview
  • Evaluate and visualize SAP data at the click of a mouse
  • Questions and Answers about the SAP Connector

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Wissenswertes zur Technologie des Connectors

Pentaho from Hitachi Vantara is the leading software for data integration and big data analytics. Hitachi Vantara offers a comprehensive solution portfolio for Big Data, Internet of Things and Cloud. it-novum is Hitachi Vantara's Big Data Insights and IoT partner and the largest Pentaho implementation and training partner in EMEA.