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SAP and Analytics

Using SAP-data for strategic and tactical decisions

SAP is the standard ERP solution in many companies and by combining it with the Pentaho business intelligence platform, you can gain valuable insights from your SAP data and create real business value. Pentaho from Hitachi Vantara is the leading software for data integration and big data analytics.

Added-value when analyzing SAP data

The combination of SAP and Pentaho enables customers to gain valuable insights from their SAP data and create real business value:

  • When managing data ingestion from internal and external data sources
      ○ Prepare and enrich SAP data for analytics
      ○ Blend and analyze SAP data
      ○ Store operational and historical data in a data warehouse / lake
      ○ Automated, standardized processes
  • To protect investments in SAP and drive cost reduction where appropriate
  • To carry out cost-effective offloading scenarios
      ○ Reduction of licensing costs, e.g. HANA

Added-value through Pentaho

An implemented Pentaho Analytics solution can be extended at any time by any data source (e.g. new NoSQL databases, Git for internal development departments, video analytics, etc.). This makes Pentaho a secure investment solution.   

  • Pentaho offers a cost-effective alternative to SAP's own analytics offering which enables companies to independently evaluate their data.
    Result: independence from SAP.
  • Pentaho provides fast, flexible, ad-hoc visual analysis and reporting, enabling SAP users to gain new insights and make data-driven decisions from day one on.
    Result: increasing the value of SAP.
  • With fast, flexible dashboards and analytics, Pentaho enables SAP customers to access all data from any SAP or non-SAP system.
    Result: flexibility in combining data sources.

Added-value through the Hitachi Data Connector for SAP

Simplified access to SAP sources

Removal of roadblocks for blending SAP data with other corporate and device data

Minimizing the effort required by data engineers to access and blend SAP data

Increased productivity through the continued use of existing SAP-modules

Reduction of manual tasks and activities

Future proofs analytic investments across the enterprise

Live demonstration of the SAP connector

Pentaho is some kind of a multi tool for data management. The Hitachi SAP Data Connector is properly a swiss army knife of working with SAP. The video introduces Hitachi's Connectivity package and a demo video that gives a first impression of work with the SAP data connector.

Christopher Keller
Head of Professional Services and Development Big Data Analytics & IoT

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Various application scenarios

SAP Data Integration


  • SAP data needed for strategic and tactical decisions
  • SAP data has proprietary format and structure
  • SAP data is transaction-oriented


  • Preparation and enhancement of SAP data
  • Storage of historical data in Data Warehouse / Lake
  • Automated, standardized processes


  • Better availability of data for decisions
  • Increase of data quality
  • Reduction of many manual activities

SAP Data Blending


  • Data from SAP and non SAP systems (e.g. NoSQL) are to be merged.
  • Data is stored in heterogeneous silos in the company
  • KPIs need context information


  • Integration of the various data sources
  • Data preparation for descriptive and prescriptive analyses
  • Self-Service Analytics for End Users


  • Better data utilization enables deeper insights
  • Competitive advantages through tailor-made provision of information

SAP Data Offload


  • Increasing data volume leads to higher license costs
  • Data must be distributed according to volume and performance.


  • Implementation of an architecture with SAP Hana and Hadoop
  • Distribution of data storage and processing on the appropriate platform


  • Decreasing license costs
  • Hadooponomics (Source: Forrester)
  • 1 Node HANA ► 750k p.a.
  • 1 Node Hadoop ► 2-3k p.a.
  • Faster time-to-value with Pentaho

These companies have successfully integrated SAP-data into their reports and analyses

CustomerBusiness case
Waste Management
Hitachi Data Connector for SAP ERP optimizes waste management processes and saves public resources. Data from SAP ERP is integrated with information from operational sources to a central data warehouse that enables in-depth analytics.
The world‘s leading manufacturer for car window supplies gains deeper insights in their production processes by integrating data from SAP and non-SAP systems in their central supplier and project controlling platform.
To become a data-driven enterprise, this global industry leader integrates their data from corporate, manufacturing and supplier systems in a central data lake. Thus providing one single access point to insights about the company‘s processes and products.
IT Services
The Hitachi Data Connector for SAP ERP and SAP BW is an essential part of a full solution stack for data integration and analytics. Thus providing data models and use cases for easy implementation and higher ROI.
To better monitor Dubai‘s huge construction projects and budgets, data from project management systems is integrated with information about budgets spend and material usage from SAP – providing in-depth analytics of project progress and costs.
With offices in 50 countries, this workholding specialist oversees their processes by combining data from SAP and non-SAP systems for reporting and analytics.
Industrial Group
Consolidated KPIs are crucial for this holding with 15 companies and 29 subsidiaries in 12 countries.
Hence reporting and analytics are based on a central data warehouse which integrates data from different data sources and sub-companies.

Pentaho as an analytics tool and the Hitachi Data Connector for SAP as the link to SAP. Through this combination companies gain great business value.

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