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Pentaho Product information

A data integration and business analytics platform by Hitachi Vantara

Pentaho enables companies to make the right operational and strategic-level decisions: As the sole Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data platform, Pentaho provides a comprehensive solution for all BI areas. This includes data integration, analyses and mining as well as reporting, dashboards and mobile BI usage.

Traditional Business Intelligence systems enable users to produce reports and analyses based on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or enterprise resource planning data, such as you would get from SAP. Thanks to its intuitive, interactive and web-based interface, Pentaho gives users direct point and click access to all relevant data, be it an Excel file or system database. Pentaho also offers an open source architecture that can be harmoniously integrated into your existing IT environment.

"We didn´t find any other product offering greater technological possibilities like Pentaho. It became clear very fast that we didn´t want to resign from the advantages open source has. With Pentaho we got a 100% open system we could immediately start with and easily adapt to our requirements and budget."

Michael Becker, Erster Polizeihauptkommissar und technischer Leiter, Bundespolizei

Interfaces between Pentaho and third-party systems

  • SAP and Pentaho
  • Salesforce and Pentaho
  • OTRS and Pentaho
  • Jedox and Pentaho
  • Hadoop
  • Social Media

Pentaho Data Integration - A powerful ETL tool

Pentaho Data Integration is not only one of Pentaho's most powerful tools, it is also one of the leading open source ETL tools (extract, transform, load). It provides companies with the ability to extract a variety of data from complex and heterogeneous sources so that consistent and dependable data analyses can be quickly performed. Pentaho also provides powerful, modern and adaptive algorithms and data processing tools. Data specialists and analysts identify important patterns and relationships that would otherwise remain hidden in standard analyses and reports.

And by combining Pentaho with Apache Hadoop it is possible to economically store large amounts of data and then analyse this in diverse and flexible ways. This also makes affordable the stockpiling of raw data whose value is currently unclear. In-depth findings can also be made instantly available and can help support current business decisions.

Relational OLAP analysis using the Mondrian server

Mondrian is the name of the OLAP engine used in the Pentaho platform. OLAP (online analytical processing) systems are analytical tools that enable users to access data.  Mondrian is written in Java and provides interactive analysis for multidimensional databases, while the server gives users high-performance evaluations for even large databases. Mondrian and Pentaho Analyser enable even non-tech savvy users to create reports and evaluations, because in contrast to the Report Designer, no knowledge of databases and query languages is required.

Professional data visualisation with Pentaho

The requirements for visualising business data can be extremely varied. Pentaho offers a comprehensive set of tools to meet the requirements of data visualisation and the graphing of key information and relationships. From simple, standard reporting to interactive reports and dashboards (as well as self-service reporting), the system provides almost unlimited deployment scenarios. Report creation is supported by the web-based Dashboard Designer, which includes drag and drop management. Sophisticated and visually appealing dashboards can also be realised using Pentaho CTools. Through a free form design for layouts, individual customer requirements can be realised quickly and easily.

Pentaho and Big Data stores

There is no added value in simply holding onto data. In fact, Big Data is only as valuable as the insights it provides businesses for making better decisions. Carrying out prognostic analysis with Pentaho is another step in using Big Data to make better decisions for the future. Pentaho also offers powerful algorithms such as classification, regression, clustering and association that can be integrated into the Pentaho graphical user interface.

With Pentaho, data taken from Big Data stores within a platform can be extracted, processed and visualised. There are interfaces for all common Big Data sources including Hadoop, NoSQL, and analytical databases. Working together with other leading technology companies such as Cisco, Cloudera, DataStax, Dell, EMC Greenplum, HortonWorks, HP Vertica, MapR, Netezza, Infobright, 10gen/MongoDB and Teradata, Pentaho is developing joint Big Data solutions.

And several Big Data tools are already integrated into the Pentaho data integration and business analytics platform by Hitachi Vantara. Plus, a more intuitive graphic designer simplifies the development and orchestration of Hadoop-MapReduce jobs. The time it takes to design, develop, and provide Big Data analytics solutions is drastically reduced thanks to the up to 15 times faster data processing capabilities of Pentaho. And for Big Data environments, visualisations play a particularly large role.

Pentaho from Hitachi Vantara is the leading software for data integration and big data analytics. Hitachi Vantara offers a comprehensive solution portfolio for Big Data, Internet of Things and Cloud. it-novum is Hitachi Vantara's Big Data Insights and IoT partner and the largest Pentaho implementation and training partner in EMEA.