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Pentaho / SAP Connector

Pentaho and SAP: Powerful tools for flexibly evaluating SAP data

SAP is the standard ERP solution in many companies and by combining it with the data integration and business analytics platform Pentaho by Hitachi Vantara, you can gain valuable insights from your SAP data and create real business value.

Processing SAP data within Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), however, is currently only possible to a limited extent. For example, customers frequently require a standard function for extracting or loading SAP ERP or BW.

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  • Data Analytics makes more of your SAP data
  • A wealth of data that is hard to mine
  • Some alternatives are (not) a solution
  • How the digitally gifted can help
  • Pentaho – The first among equals
  • Data recovery using the Pentaho/SAP Connector
  • Overview

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Working with SAP data isn't easy . . .

Some of the challenges facing companies include:

  • SAP data may not meet data quality expectations
  • Securing and protecting sensitive SAP data
  • The need to migrate and modernise SAP applications
  • Acquiring SAP data for strategic and tactical decisions

Difficulties around integrating data with SAP include:

  • Data often has differing proprietary formats and structures
  • Steep learning curve for developers
  • SAP programmers are not data integration experts

A possible scenario for SAP data integration


  • SAP data is required for strategic and tactical decisions
  • SAP data has a proprietary format and structure
  • SAP data is transaction oriented


  • Preparation and enrichment of SAP data
  • Storage of historical data in the data warehouse / lake
  • Automated, standardised processes


  • Better availability of data for decision-making
  • Increased data quality
  • Reduction of manual tasks and activities

Gain valuable insights from your company data

With the Pentaho/SAP Connector from it-novum, a wide range of processing options for SAP data is at your disposal. The Connector offers an easy-to-use user interface for processing SAP data with Pentaho Data Integration. The following SAP steps are supported:

  • SAP ERP Table Input
  • SAP BW/ERP RFC Executor
  • SAP BW DSO Input
  • SAP BW Infocube Input

With the Pentaho/SAP Connector, application scenarios and use cases such as onboarding, blending or offloading of SAP data can easily be realised.

The Pentaho/SAP Connector has state-of-the-art functionality and is continuously being expanded to include further SAP steps.

Show me how it works! Pentaho/SAP Connector demo

What you should know about the Connector technology

Connection to SAP ERPConnection to SAP BW
You can use all data from all SAP modules With the Pentaho/SAP Connector (e.g. FI, CO, MM, etc.). The connector relies on RFC functional modules (BAPI's) and SAP tables, thus you can also query complex and nested SAP structures (such as cost centre groups or only the structures/data that exist at runtime in the SAP System). The Pentaho/SAP Connector from it-novum offers a cost-effective way to extract SAP data from "expensive" SAP landscapes using offload scenarios. The data can then be further processed as needed. You can access BW data using two different scenarios:  The staging area data can be extracted by accessing SAP Data Store Objects (DSO) or by means of analytical workloads (querying) at the data warehouse layer (SAP InfoCubes).

Feature Overview

Supported PDI Version7.x, 8.x

Connection method

Unlimited record lengthvia customization
Search for tables fields in the user interface
(data directory)
Partial table load (filter)
Lookup / join functionalityvia customization
Data type support for negative packed,
floating points and raw hex fields
Chunk loading of big tablesvia customization
Call other RFCs (also for calling functions to read,
lock-up and write back)
SAP ERP Table InputSAP BW/ERP RFC Executor
Metadata Injection
Using Variables
Filter functionality
Selection of fields
Mapping of SAP/Java Datatype
SAP Table Read
BAPI Querying
SAP BW DSO InputSAP BW Infocube Input
SAP ObjectsData Store Objects*Infocubes
Metadata Injection
Using Variables
Filter functionality
Selection of fields
Mapping of SAP/Java Datatype
Query Execution

* Support of all DSO Types and Versions

Pentaho/SAP Connector: Your Benefits

Flexible, easy-to-use analysis of SAP data

Seamless and easy integration with SAP ERP/BW

Support for Metadata Injection

Cost-effective offloading scenarios

Data blending of SAP data

Pentaho from Hitachi Vantara is the leading software for data integration and big data analytics. Hitachi Vantara offers a comprehensive solution portfolio for Big Data, Internet of Things and Cloud. it-novum is Hitachi Vantara's Big Data Insights and IoT partner and the largest Pentaho implementation and training partner in EMEA.