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Enterprise Planning

Jedox: Enterprise planning software for Excel users

Users who want to create their own data analyses and reports for different purposes require correspondingly appropriate BI tools. Whether using an open source or proprietary solution (or both), your choice should be based on the function involved and should have the ability to be flexibly combined with other elements.

Jedox offers a complete range of functions for reporting, analysis and planning. In particular, it should be noted that ETL processes can be quickly and easily launched from the user interface.

With its Excel front end, the Jedox business intelligence application provides the perfect professional environment for those working in finance and controlling. Users can quickly and easily create reports that they can share with other employees using a variety of different channels.

Why Jedox?

With the Jedox enterprise planning application, companies can systematically analyse, evaluate and visualise their business data. Unlike other BI suites, Jedox can easily be used via an Excel front end. This gives users who don't possess a great deal of IT expertise the ability to interpret data or create data models – all from their web browser or installation of Microsoft Excel.

For controllers and business analysts who have previously used Excel, PowerPoint, etc. for creating reports and analyses, Jedox provides the ability to take advantage of an online analytical processing system (OLAP) while still working with a familiar environment. For those working with financials, this means they can easily produce controlling solutions for activity-based costings.

And in its GPU version, Jedox can act as a high-performance analytic database for large data sets taken from Hadoop and other Big Data stores. To do this, Jedox uses an optional GPU module to leverage the computing power and memory of a graphics processor, which massively accelerates the corresponding OLAP analyses. The Jedox GPU accelerator is the world's first OLAP engine to make the performance power of graphics cards available for complex multidimensional calculations.

The low licensing and implementation costs as well as Jedox's ease of operation and administration have been attested to by the BARC Institute, an independent software business application research centre.

Jedox, 2016

Areas of application: Planning, analysis and reporting are our primary focus

Jedox is a clear leader in corporate planning. Using a write-back function in the software, Jedox can define data cubes, which in turn enables the realisation of extensive planning applications. The advantages here are clear: There is no longer any need to manually consolidate Excel files. And using Jedox's own distribution mechanism, the planning process is also significantly streamlined.

By using the web and Excel-based planning tools offered by Jedox, business users can create reports and independently calculate and analyse complex planning applications. All input data and qualitative results are centrally stored by Jedox in an in-memory OLAP database, so that multiple departments can work together in a coordinated and resource-efficient way.

Jedox's ad hoc analysis uses a familiar and trusted Excel environment for data evaluation: The user simply navigates directly to the data and can thus access information at the lowest document level. For example, variations in different cost types can be viewed per cost centre and, if necessary, traced back to individual journal entries. The Jedox web browser also enables users to produce functional and visually appealing analytic applications. In addition to the web interface, Jedox offers the optimised Jedox Mobile for mobile devices, which allows users to access centrally stored reports while on-the-go.

Jedox has is positioned in the upper right quadrant of the Wisdom of Crowds Enterprise Planning Market Study: Number one for credibility, 100% referral rate.

Dresner Advisory Services, 2016

Enhancing Pentaho with Jedox planning functions

An existing Pentaho installation can be enhanced by adding Jedox planning functionalities. In fact, the complete architecture – from the Data Warehouse to the reports and analyses – can be managed with Pentaho. Using this architecture it is possible to use OLAP on very large fact tables and to distribute reports to a large group of recipients. The front ends and thus the Jedox Cubes and interfaces rely on the same data as the Data Warehouse.

In Jedox, it is possible to create your own "planning world" in which users can play out various scenarios with the data. Once a final planning version has been achieved, the data can be exported via ETL into the Data Warehouse. From then on, the plan values are available to all other Pentaho front ends for plan / actual comparisons and other similar activities. Should the system need to be expanded further, the web front ends can be integrated as part of a subsequent stage, so that users only have to log into a single interface.

Pentaho and Jedox by themselves already provide powerful BI solutions. But if they are integrated into a common solution, a comprehensive platform for information processing is created that can deal with extremely large volumes of data even when confronted with short query times and high processing speeds.

The combined advantages of Pentaho and Jedox are also worth considering, because together they provide access to numerous open interfaces for connecting to databases and ERP systems (e.g. SAP) – and are very cost-effective in terms of both their purchase price and operation. This is why using such an integrated BI platform is an attractive alternative to the powerful, but expensive BI suites offered by the major manufacturers.

Enterprise Planning: Your benefits

Experienced Office users can create reports and analyses based on an OLAP cube

Pressure to perform laborious data processing activities and continuous adjustments of business reports is taken off your IT department

Cost reductions through self-service usage

More efficient and accelerated planning processes through workflows

Simple implementation of simulations, planning scenarios and forecasting solutions

Our services

As an integrator of Jedox systems for many years now, we have professional experience gained from implementing over two hundred projects and a wide variety of BI and Big Data solutions.

We offer out-of-the-box templates for these solutions:

  • Analysis of SAP data (sales, purchasing, logistics, etc.)
  • Analysis of IT service management data
  • Business planning
  • Implementation of cost accounting methods, such as activity-based costing
  • Cash pooling
  • Consignment stock management
  • Big Data analytics

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