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(c) Cloudera 2017

Cloudera is one of the best known providers of Hadoop distributions. The tool is mainly used for analyzing very large data sets, for example in campaign management, in financial controlling, in the utilities sector, in fleet management or in networked cars. Cloudera combines the benefits of the open source Hadoop project with the range of services found in mature business solutions. As a Cloudera partner, it-novum can help you develop information-driven workflows for your company.

Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub

Keep all your data in a central place with Cloudera's Enterprise Data Hub (EDH). Your data will be available as long as needed, in its original form. Since the hub is tightly integrated with your existing IT environment, it can perform a wide range of tasks, including batch processing, interactive SQL querying, enterprise search and advanced analytics. Cloudera's distinguishing features are its stability and security as well as its data protection capabilities. A Cloudera based Enterprise Data Hub will change the way you think about data: instead of being a cost factor, it becomes a transformative force and a true company asset.

Your benefits when working with it-novum and Cloudera:

Cloudera scales extremely well, allowing for the storage of all kinds of data in their original form for as long as necessary or desired.

The system integrates well with your existing infrastructure and tools. It is flexible enough to handle a range of enterprise workloads, including batch processing, interactive SQL queries, enterprise search and advanced analytics.

Cloudera offers highly mature functionality catering to a company's needs concerning (data) security, governance and system management.

With Cloudera, we can help you put your data at the center of your company or organization, thus increasing its usefulness while at the same time reducing costs.

Our solutions will help you to minimize risks and to comply with legal requirements.

In concert with the Pentaho data integration and analytics platform, Cloudera can be used to implement powerful big data analytics solutions.

Cloudera and it-novum

Consistency – an integrated system that provides different user groups and applications with a single data pool without the need for moving data between systems

Security – Security concepts, authentication, granular access control and data protection

Governance – professional auditing capabilities, managed data flows and findability

Administration – high availability, fault tolerance and self-regenerating memory, automated backups and disaster recovery, advanced system management and data storage

Openness – the use of an open source solution under the Apache license guarantees that your data and applications will always be yours. An open platform that can be tied in with existing systems, thereby safeguarding your investment in technology and know-how.

Cloudera and it-novum: Added Value

Cloudera has been developed with mission-critical requirements in mind. The software consists of the Hadoop based CDH platform combined with mature system management and data management tools. It is actively supported by both the global developer community and professional service providers, such as it-novum. We have been advising companies for years on data processing and analysis, implementing numerous solutions in exactly this area. Cloudera consists of:

  • CDH – this is the core of  Cloudera Enterprise, comprising of Apache Hadoop and several other open source projects. The tightly integrated, massively scalable platform combines storage capabilities with a wide range of powerful data processing and analysis frameworks.
  • Automated cluster management – Cloudera Manager – Cloudera Manager is a tool for  the deployment, management and monitoring of clusters which can also aid in diagnosing problems. Cloudera provides high cluster scalability.
  • Cloudera Support – Take advantage of the best technical support for Hadoop. Cloudera support through it-novum will greatly reduce system downtime while at the same time providing you with quicker solutions in case of problems as well as with higher performance, thus effectively supporting your mission-critical applications.