„Wer will nicht die großen Fragen stellen?“


Mark Lewis, ClouderaMark Lewis, Senior Director of Marketing bei Cloudera gibt uns im Vorfeld unseres Big Data Analytics Days in Hamburg (02.07.) im Interview einen Einblick in seine Big Data-Welt und einen Ausblick auf seinen Vortrag:

Q: Who are you?
My name is Mark Lewis, and among other things including musician, traveler, Dad, husband and keen reader, I work as Senior Director of Marketing for Cloudera with responsibility across Europe, Middle East and Africa

Q: What fascinates you about Big Data Analytics?
How it has evolved in allowing us to see and understand so much more of the world we live in. It is now a well known fact that the volume and velocity of data coming at us is continually on the increase with no sign of letting up. What we also see are increasingly varied sources for data that previously either didn’t exist or we just didn’t know how to get access to. As we start to see developments in our ability to embrace this data, we can start to make more insightful decisions – from helping us gain competitive advantages, increasing our margins, being able to deliver better customer service, and helping in the advancement of medical science. It is really all very fascinating. But let’s be honest; who doesn’t want to ask bigger questions?

Q: What will be your topic at the Big Data Analytics Day? What will be your core subject and why is this important for you?
There are many building blocks to build a Big Data Infrastructure, or whatever term you want to call it. But at the core of this is the well known, though perhaps less understood framework of Hadoop. For my talk I am going to examine first how organizations have been embracing Big Data and some of the results, furthermore I will be looking at some of the challenges that current infrastructure faces and then I am going to take people on a brief journey from Apache Hadoop to the Enterprise Data Hub. I emphasis the point of this being a journey as many people in attendance will be at different phases in their understanding, planning and deployments of Big Data. I want to help people to get a good handle on the framework that can be adopted so that they can leverage information from all the other speakers that day and all those they may come into contact with over time.

Q: What are your interests besides Big Data Analytics?
The world is far too fascinating to simply take up one interest, so I find myself involved in many different areas. We only have one life and so I am trying to get a lot in to it. I play guitar, drums and piano. I have three great sons aged 13, 16 and 18, the eldest of which is at University and I have been married to my wife now for 20 years this year, I mention this as my family is very important to me. I enjoy reading and understanding more about the underlying cultures and religions that I come to meet on my travels throughout the EMEA region.

Erfahren Sie hier mehr über den Big Data Analytics Day oder registrieren Sie sich hier direkt für die kostenlose Teilnahme in Hamburg.

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Stefan Müller - Director Big Data Analytics
Nach mehreren Jahren Tätigkeit im Bereich Governance & Controlling und Sourcing Management ist Stefan Müller bei it-novum gelandet, wo er den Bereich Big Data Analytics aufgebaut hat. Stefans Herz schlägt für die Möglichkeiten, die die BI-Suiten von Pentaho und Jedox bieten, er beschäftigt sich aber auch mit anderen Open Source BI-Lösungen. Seine Begeisterung für Business Open Source im Bereich Datenintelligenz gibt Stefan regelmäßig in Fachartikeln, Statements und Vorträgen weiter.
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