Terabytes, Petabytes und bald schon Exabytes

Don DeLoach, Infobright

Don DeLoach, Infobright

Don DeLoach, President und CEO von Infobright gibt uns im Vorfeld unseres Big Data Analytics Days in Hamburg (02.07.) im Interview einen Einblick in seine Big Data-Welt:

Q: What fascinates you about Big Data Analytics?
Terabytes, petabytes, and soon-to-be exabytes of data are streaming in from web logs, email servers, mobile devices, social media networks, and more. When it comes to this kind of “machine-generated data,” big volumes are only one part of the equation. The velocity at which data is generated and diversity of sources add new levels of complexity to information analysis. Harnessing all this data is essential: it helps businesses become more effective in their decision making whether it be new programs for customer service, new programs or products for their customers, better, more personalized promotions and marketing offers or just managing their own business.

The catch is the “harness the data” part. This is what gets me really excited about Big Data analytics. Analytic technologies of yesterday are often not up to the job of extracting useful insight from the massive amounts of information available for mining today. This presents a tremendous opportunity for finding new ways of not only ingesting and storing data but also alternative query models to expand traditional analytics approaches.

Q: What are your interests besides Big Data Analytics?
I’m fascinated and increasingly more passionate about the Internet of Things.   The Internet of Things is an awesome step in the evolution of technology. Smart cars, connected health, smart grids, smart cities – the world is becoming connected in a way that was the territory of science fiction just a few short years ago. Ericsson and Cisco both predict upwards to 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2020. This will increase today’s data load factors by several orders of magnitude creating questions about how data is collected, ingested, stored, and queried. The conventional ways of storing and analyzing data will need to adapt in order to address the challenges of realizing a true Internet of Things world.  In this world, where the overwhelming contribution of new data will come from machines, specialization will be critical.

The pressure on enterprises, whether small/mid-level companies or Global 100 companies, to compete based on analytical maturity is greater now than it ever has been and the amount of data available to these enterprises is becoming intractably large, as the data flow and complexity implied by the Internet of Things continues to grow.

Erfahren Sie hier mehr über den Big Data Analytics Day oder registrieren Sie sich hier direkt für die kostenlose Teilnahme in Hamburg.

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Stefan Müller - Director Big Data Analytics
Nach mehreren Jahren Tätigkeit im Bereich Governance & Controlling und Sourcing Management ist Stefan Müller bei it-novum gelandet, wo er den Bereich Big Data Analytics aufgebaut hat. Stefans Herz schlägt für die Möglichkeiten, die die BI-Suiten von Pentaho und Jedox bieten, er beschäftigt sich aber auch mit anderen Open Source BI-Lösungen. Seine Begeisterung für Business Open Source im Bereich Datenintelligenz gibt Stefan regelmäßig in Fachartikeln, Statements und Vorträgen weiter.
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