OpenStack Days in Budapest and Milan

The first OpenStack Day in Italy

The first OpenStack Day Italy took place in Milan

There´s a big buzz around open clouds these days. This counts especially for OpenStack, the biggest open source project for building private or public clouds. Last week I had the chance to talk at two OpenStack community events. The guys from OpenStack Foundation had asked me to present our storage project openATTIC and how it can be used as storage platform for OpenStack.

For those of you who haven´t heard of OpenStack before: the project is managed by OpenStack Foundation, an organization with hundreds of members, among them dozens of well-known tech companies. Besides the OpenStack summit taking place twice a year there is a bunch of events on a local level like the OpenStack Days. The OpenStack Days take place in nearly every country and aim at providing latest information and developments as well as exchanging ideas and experiences among the community members.

As initiator and main contributor of one of the most powerful open storage products currently on the market, we were asked by the OpenStack community to present openATTIC as a cloud storage platform for OpenStack at several OpenStack Days across Europe. We were asked by so many that I had to cancel some, f.e. the OpenStack UK Day in London. Too bad as I like the city and the British OpenStack guys a lot but I hope to see them the next time.

The OpenStack CEE Day was located in the beautiful city of Budapest (here: the Buda palace)

The OpenStack CEE Day was located in the beautiful city of Budapest (here: the Buda palace)

So last Sunday I flew to Budapest and on Thursday to Milan. In Hungary, the OpenStack community organized the OpenStack CEE Day (CEE for Central Eastern Europe). Besides a lovely welcome in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a nice sightseeing tour I met over 200 OpenStack enthusiastics. After my talk about how to use openATTIC as storage platform for OpenStack (see the slides below) the crowd split up to attend several workshops dealing with different aspects of OpenStack. I would like to thank Marton Kiss for the great occasion to meet the Central European OpenStack community.

Smart wall decoration:, the location of the OpenStack Day Italy

Cool place, smart wall decoration:, the location of the OpenStack Day Italy

On Thursday afternoon I took the plane to Milan in Northern Italy to attend the first OpenStack Day Italy taking place on Friday. Thanks to the „sciopero nazionale“ (nationwide strike) slowing down one of the world´s most busiest cities I had to take a taxi. I wish I would have walked – it took us two hours to get to the not so far away location where the event took place. But a new shirt (and some espressos 🙂 ) later I felt ready for introducing openATTIC to the more than 150 people who had come to the first OpenStack Day in Italy. As in Hungary, the OpenStack Day Italy was organized very well in a cool location, the Coworking place. It brings together different people with different professions with a focus on IT projects and this spirit you could feel at the event. I especially appreciated the help of Stefano Garavaglia and Fabiana Flavoni with preparing the event – grazie tante!

Besides the very special charm of both cities (ok, the espresso is better in Milan) both events were worth the travels. Organization and agenda were excellent and it was a real pleasure to meet so many interested people and OpenStack fans in one place. After my talk about openATTIC and its potential for OpenStack installations there were many questions and discussions making clear that OpenStack and openATTIC are heading in the right direction. It was very exciting to meet two open source communities in two different countries being united by the same topic. I´ll be glad to contribute to the next OpenStack events, be it in Europe or elsewhere!

Slides for Building an open source cloud storage platform for OpenStack with openATTIC

Nachtrag: Das openATTIC-Projekt ist zusammen mit dem Storage-Bereich der it-novum zum November 2016 an SUSE übergegangen. SUSE wird openATTIC zum Management-Frontend für die Verwaltung von Ceph-Clustern weiterentwickeln.

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