Expanding ADF by Alfresco it-novum EIM team took part in Global Virtual Hackathon


Alfresco Global Virtual Hackathon

Alfresco Global Virtual Hackathon

Every year, Alfresco is hosting the Global Virtual Hackathon and on October 5 it was time again to start hacking! During this day, it was possible to go beyond everyday’s work and collaborate remotely with Alfresco developers from all over the world on various projects. The main focus was to have fun, to experiment and to build something related to Alfresco products.

Our Enterprise Information Management department participated this year, too. We joined Eugenio Romano, Tech Lead at Alfresco for ADF, to create a file editor for ADF.

ADF (Application Development Framework) is a framework implemented by Alfresco. It provides custom Angular components to developers for building your own frontend user interface for Alfresco Content Services and Alfresco Process Services.

In our project we investigated the possibilities of adding a text-editor to ADF, which allows the user to edit documents or files directly from within the browser. Through the extension system that had been released with ADF 2.6 one day before hackathon we were able to create our own NPM library and to use it as an extension for ADF. You can find our project on Github.

Text editor for ADF Alfresco

Text editor for ADF

The day went by very fast and it was a very educational experience communicating with Alfresco developers across the world and exchanging ideas and knowledge. Even though our project was supposed to be more of a demonstration of what is possible with ADF’s new extension capability, we managed to make huge progress in the short amount of time available. We will continue to work on the editor in the next months.

I can’t wait for the next Global Virtual Hackathon. Watch out for it (it´s probably going to happen in October next year)!

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Marius Grunenberg - Software-Entwickler EIM
Marius Grunenberg ist Software Entwickler im Bereich Enterprise Information Management bei it-novum. Seine Erfahrungen mit Frontend-Technologien nutzt er beim Entwickeln von individuellen Weboberflächen für unsere Kunden in Verbindung mit den Alfresco Produkten. Als studierter Wirtschaftsinformatiker interessiert er sich dabei sehr für die Digitalisierung und Optimierung von Unternehmensprozessen.
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