„Erkenntnisse gewinnen, die das Business vorantreiben“

Quentin Gallivan, CEO of Pentaho

Quentin Gallivan, CEO of Pentaho

Quentin Gallivan, CEO von Pentaho gibt uns heute in unserer Blogserie “Nachgefragt” einen Einblick in seine Open Source-Welt:

Q: Who are you and how are you connected to open source?
I’m the CEO of Pentaho, a business analytics and data integration platform based on the commercial open source model (COSS). Our strategic technology partners including Mongo DB, Cloudera, Splunk and Cassandra are all built on the COSS model.
Q: What does open source mean to you?
I believe COSS will emerge as the dominant business model for enterprise software because it combines a framework for R&D funding, security and quality management in growth areas like big data with the innovation, passion and creativity of open source software development. It’s also a great proposition for our channel partners like it-novum that provide added-value services.

Q: Can you describe your “normal” working day?
Normal? Every day at Pentaho is different and that’s what’s so energizing about working at a high-growth, pre-IPO tech business. The only thing my days have in common is an early start but during the day I might be visiting customers and partners, presenting to investors, talking to press or analysts or helping to recruit new executives. I’m fortunate enough to have an extremely capable top team that occasionally lets me take the weekend off!

Q: What has been your most exciting and challenging project so far?
I’ve been lucky to have been involved with some very interesting growth companies in my career, but without question my most exciting and challenging role has been leading Pentaho to deliver the future of big data analytics. I got my first taste for the market in my previous role as Aster Data’s CEO and am convinced that we’ve only just begun to tap into the massive opportunity. In just a few years, we’ve experienced the tipping point in open source enterprise adoption, particularly around big data and embedded analytics use cases – companies once ‘allergic’ to the concept are now demanding an open development environment. We have the technology and the team, however, it’s important to stay focused and drive the company in the right direction to take advantage of the market opportunity and delight our customers.

Q: What kind of changes do you expect for Open Source-World in the coming years?
As more governments and large enterprises start to introduce open source technology into their IT reference architectures the day it dominates market share, if not immediately revenue, is only a matter of time. Also, all big data technology is based on open source and it’s one of the highest growth innovation sectors. It’s no surprise that the annual ‘Future of Open Source’ survey revealed that analytics and business intelligence is one of the top ten areas where open source is leading the technology industry.

At Pentaho we believe that you can’t prepare for tomorrow with yesterday’s tools. Our open source heritage allows us to be nimble with the mindset of relentless innovation, so our customers and partners can put their Big Data to work and derive insight to fuel business growth. That’s why I expect to see more partners like it-novum around the world, building highly successful business on the back of COSS companies like Pentaho.

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