Dispatch from the OpenStack Summit kick-off in Vancouver

it-novum berichtet vom OpenStack Summit in Vancouver

Michael Kienle berichtet vom OpenStack Summit in Vancouver

The OpenStack Summit is the largest gathering of experts, vendors and developers to discuss the current state of OpenStack as well as the roadmap for the future releases.

Usually the Summit is held twice a year, this time in Vancouver/Canada. Luckily there is still plenty of sunshine though Vancouver is known as the „rainy city“.  (And despite the sunshine the check-in lady from the hotel asked me whether I needed an umbrella… To be prepared for all events?!).

The community and the event are still growing. It is huge  – even compared to the last event in Paris. However, you see changes happening: looking at the agenda you see some intro talks but an obvious shift to more in-depth talks; most of the people are quite familiar with the basic concepts of OpenStack in theory but are more interested in first-hand know-how on running clouds and how to face the challenges. Personally, I would recognize this as a level of maturity – and a proof for a widespread usage.

As always, all OpenStack events are kicked-off by Jonathan Bryce, the Executive Director of the OpenStack foundation (I am wondering how many air miles this guy must be collecting…:-)). And of course, a lot of people talk about the new release called „kilo“.

There are quite a few highlight topics being discussed here in Vancouver:

  • Applications: not only building a cloud but running applications on top of it which can be easily scaled out.
  • Security: although one indication that OpenStack is getting mature – out of the techie into real life – security is important from the operational perspective.
  • Software-defined Storage/Datacenter/Network/…anything as a main trend to abstract hardware from software, and therefore building the functionality in the software and making use of cheap vanilla hardware.
  • A dedicated container day shows the importance of this trend – discussing whether this is becoming a disruptive issue for OpenStack – while others are trying to incorporate this concept as Containers-as-a-Service (project called „magnum“).

Stay tuned,

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