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Jan Aertsen, neo4j

Jan Aertsen, neo4j

Many years ago when it-novum had just become partner of Pentaho, one of the first people I met at Pentaho was Jan Aertsen. We re-met at several Pentaho community meetings and I´m delighted to know that he will speak at PCM in Bologna
despite the fact that he recently has left the company.

Jan, who are you?
Born in Belgium, live in Italy. Married, 2 daughters. Passionate about drumming since the age of 6. Passionate about computers since 12. Working in the data driven IT and decision support industry since 1996.

What connects you to Pentaho?
I started out as a community user of Pentaho, round about 2007. At that time I ran my own consulting company kJube and we started using kettle on our projects. In 2011 Pentaho started a professional services department and asked me to lead the EMEA (and later APAC) branch. Between 2011 and 2017 I built out the professional services team for Pentaho from 0 to just under billable heads. Recently, I moved on to do a similar role for Neo4J.

What will your talk be about?
Neo4J, and graph databases in general bring unparallel power to data driven IT solutions an unlock new possibilities for decision making. However, being such a new paradigm, bridges need to be built between Neo4j and other systems. Pentaho kettle can play a unique role in this.

What are your expectations concerning PCM?
Meet up with the crowd I know. Let them know what I’m working on. Drinks and fun.

Pentaho Community Meeting takes place from November 23-25 in Bologna, Italy. For more information and registration visit the event page.

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